About the competition

Information about joining the competition

What's in it for me?
Of course the possibility of winning an award! But there is more: Heritage in Motion offers you the unique possibility to showcase your project to an international Jury of renowned experts in the field, and your project will be shown on this website, also after the competition. On top of that, Heritage in Motion will attract attention to all submissions by announcing the competition and all the projects on international media and through its own network and that of its partners.
What can I win?

Every year there are awards to be won in different categories and on top of that, the Best Achievement Award. These awards are handed over during our yearly Awards Ceremony and the winners will be given extra attention through the media and within the networks of Heritage in Motion and its partners. The winner of the Best Achievement Award also is awarded with a unique statue, crafted by a renowned sculptress, which is every year especially made for the occasion.
What does it cost?
The application fee is € 225,00 per project/application. Students may apply for a 30% reduction. For this amount your project will join the competition in ALL categories and will be shown after the competition on this website. If you are unsure whether your submission is eligible or not, and you would like to check before you pay: enter your submission and save it before you pay. Send us a message and our team will take a look at the contents and inform you whether the project is eligible or not.

Who can apply?
All institutions and creators of films, games, apps, websites and multimedia installations on themes related to Europe's heritage, cultural and natural, tangible and intangible. Only realized projects will be accepted, but it does not matter if your organization is the owner (client) or the producer of the project. Or both for that matter.
Who will see my project?
First of all your project will be reviewed by our international Jury of experts. All projects will be shown on our website and viewed by both institutions in the heritage field and producers/creators of similar projects. Shortlisted and winning projects will get extra attention because of our marketing campaign leading up to the Awards Ceremony and the announcements and press releases that Heritage in Motion sends out within its own network and that of our partners.

Sounds good! How do I apply?
Click on 'Submit your Project' in the menu, create your account and create a submission. It is easy!

(Till) when can I apply?
As long as there is a button 'Submit your Project' you can apply.

The closing date for applications is 1st of August 2021

When and where is the Award Ceremony?
The Award Ceremony is held on a yearly changing location in Europe, together with the yearly conference of the European Museum Academy. Previous editions were in Glasgow/Scotland, Brescia/Italy, Lesbos/Greece, Skopje/Republic of North Macedonia, Aarhus/Denmark, Ljubljana/Slovenia, online in 2020 and in hybrid form in Venice/Italy in 2021.