25 May 2020

Heritage in Motion 2020

The Heritage in Motion (HiM) Awards Competition has a lasting tradition in celebrating the best examples of innovative multimedia and digital projects on cultural heritage in Europe. We are continuing to do so in 2020, but with a special focus on initiatives and projects that have been developed specifically in the context of the Covid-19 crisis. Of course, we accept other “regular” multimedia projects as well.

These days it is more vital than ever to continue to engage with society, highlighting the importance of cultural heritage - local, regional or (inter)national - by providing digital access to the wealth of content on European history and culture. Modern technology plays an essential role in making it possible.

Cultural institutions like museums, archives, libraries and so on play a crucial role in the distribution and the sharing of common values, and the sense of belonging to the community of mankind. That is why we hope that you will want to take part in the HiM Award Competition 2020.