Winners 2015

8 May 2015

Brescia, Italy, 8 May 2015.

During the annual conference of the European Museum Academy, held in the Museum Santa Giulia in Brescia, the winners of the second Heritage in Motion Awards were announced.

DOMunder, an archaeological visitor experience from the Netherlands, and its producer Tinker Imagineers won the Best Achievement Award in the Heritage in Motion competition 2015.

The Jury was unanimous in declaring DOMunder and its producer Tinker Imagineers as winner of the Best Achievement Award. The Heritage in Motion Awards celebrate innovation of digital technologies and creative concepts in the field of cultural heritage. During the ceremony, Wim van der Weiden, Chairman of the European Museum Academy and founding partner of the Heritage in Motion Awards stated: “ The quality of the applications for the Heritage in Motion Awards 2015 show the vitality and innovative power of the European heritage sector.”

DOMunder is a complex and multi-layered, immersive experience which uses the original historical setting and original objects to tell a complicated story. The Jury states: “This is an innovative approach to archaeological research which succeeds in providing a well-balanced and engaging mix between a real and a virtual experience.”


Other winners are:

Breaking the Frame, an interactive film drama by the Framework Knitters Museum: United Kingdom (Category: websites and online content) Jury: “The identification with a 19th century boy helps the users (mostly school children) to deal with contemporary moral issues. It is engaging and ‘alive’ and shows the pressure on individuals during the industrial revolution.”Link:

Rijksmuseum app / Multimedia tour and Family quest by the Rijksmuseum: The Netherlands (Category: apps for mobile devices) Jury: “This app uses innovative discovery methods that foster collaboration and intergenerational understanding. It is beautifully executed and well thought through.”Link:

Gubec Teater by the Museum of Peasant Uprisings in Gornja Stubia: Croatia (Category: film and video) Jury: “A static cultural heritage monument comes to live. It is an evocative interpretation of an important historic event; an interesting and well done project.”Link:

Cultural heritage is everywhere around us, but often remains unnoticed. Nowadays we are used to the fact that buildings are restored, landscapes are protected and certain folk art traditions are preserved in our society. However, cultural heritage changes with new generations: everything that is beautiful is also very vulnerable and needs to be protected, in order to remain accessible in the future.

The Heritage in Motion Awards are a joint initiative of Europa Nostra and the European Museum Academy and are empowered by Europeana.

The European Museum Academy is a non-profit foundation representing museums at the European level. The EMA has members in more than 30 countries.

Europa Nostra, the Voice of Cultural Heritage, is the leading European heritage organization. The network represents over 250 heritage organisations across Europe at the European level.

Europeana is the central network for the cultural heritage sector in Europe and directly connects thousands of cultural institutions with European citizens.