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    Sergio Pereira

    By the late First Century BC, the end of peninsular wars and the Roman administrative organization made Conimbriga the center of a vast territory, which encompassed the area between the rivers Mondego and Arunca. This centrality attracts people with new lifestyles and knowledge that boost an unprecedented progress. Similar to Rome, the city was set around a municipal senate and its officers, who handled the resolution of any matters related to the city’s supply, defense of territory and fulfillment of the needs of its inhabitants.

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    Tinker imagineers

    TIRPITZ transforms and expands a German WWII bunker into a museum complex compromising 4 exhibitions within a single structure, seamlessly embedded into the shorelands of Blåvand, Denmark. Visitors experience a scenic journey through time and space of West Jutland that comes to life following the rhythms of nature. Every gallery has its own rhythm beating in sync with its storyline: high and low tide, night and day, good and bad, hot and cold, the passing of time. West Coast Stories, the daylight gallery that focuses on 100,000 years of west coast history, is turned into a nighttime 4D theatre twice an hour. The dune landscape in West Coast Stories is the ultimate teaser to discover the …

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