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Amilcar Vargas

Casa Batlló ‘10D Experience’ offers new 2,000 sqm of Casa Batlló never seen before and presents a long list of new features: 1. Two new immersive spaces : Gaudí Dôme , with a dome of more than a thousand screens, 21 audio channels and a mapping which show the origin of the inspiration of the genius; and Gaudí Cube , the first six-sided LED cube in the world , which presents the work of the digital artist Refik Anadol. 2. A new script available in 15 languages  and the soundtrack also created exclusively for Casa Batlló by the composer Dani Howard and recorded at Teldex Studios in Berlin. 3. The new headphones have been designed to empower the visitor and make …

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  • Games & Interactive experiences

    Cormac McCarthy

    How do you show and enliven a waterways corridor that encompasses a rich tapestry of heritage assets? How do you showcase the importance of the smallest pollinator, underwater environment and industrial heritage that has evolved organically since its use by horse drawn barges? This has been accomplished through the development of a pioneering 360° virtual reality tour, letting stakeholders experience this historically and ecologically important waterway corridor in a virtual reality production, made in collaboration between Waterways Ireland and Mersus Technologies.

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    The old abbey at Esrum (northern Zealand, Denmark) has a rich history and is a museum today. It was founded in 1151 and was once one of the largest and most famous abbeys in Denmark, but lost to us in 1559. Now, only one building remains. Esrum Kloster wanted to recreate the original abbey in virtual reality to allow visitors the ability to experience it. We collaborated with the historians at Esrum Kloster and used reference material from churches and abbeys throughout Europe to create this virtual tour that transports the audience back in time to Esrum Kloster at its height. Visitors can now virtually tour the entire abbey on an immersive historic and spiritual journey through the old …

  • Games & Interactive experiences

    David Rovira

    The virtual tour is therefore the result of two parallel processes at the service of a new experience in heritage interpretation. Firstly, a technological process where use has been made of the latest digital innovations at the service of heritage and, secondly, a humanistic and interpretative process, based on obtaining new knowledge about this heritage. The result is a new product that enables new audiences to be reached, without the conditioning factors of a strategic plant for the intake and pumping of water that provides an essential service to the city of Barcelona and its environs. With virtual tours, geographical barriers cease to be a conditioning factor and the experience of …