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    Timmy Gambin

    The seabed is often considered the world’s largest museum, however, to-date, only divers or personal submersibles are able to descend to the seabed to visit these historic time capsules. The result is a prevalent out of sight and out mind outlook amongst the wider public when it comes to underwater cultural heritage. The reason for this is simple – the physical barrier created by the sea itself. Mitigating against this, is the central principle of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage, which established the raising of public awareness as a central tenet of the Convention. This principle is fully endorsed by The Virtual Museum – Underwater Malta, …

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    Victoria Nagy Vajda

    The idea of creating a Virtual Reality (VR) Art Gallery came to mind and was put into action during the first COVID-19 lockdown. Currently, it holds 12 VR exhibitions of Moldovan and Romanian artists, including two exhibitions featuring art and objects from the National Museum of History of Moldova and National Museum of Literature "Mihail Kogalniceanu" from Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. The platform was developed by Arbor Association for Culture and Arts (Romania) and its satellite institution in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova - Arbor Institute for Culture, with the support of the Swiss Cooperation Office from the Swiss Embassy. Through this platform Arbor Association aims to promote …

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    Paolo Montemurro

    EU Heritage - Skills for promotion, valorisation, exploitation, mediation and interpretation of European Cultural Heritage Funded by Erasmus + Sector Skills Alliance program, EU Heritage project has worked to create and deliver a course focused on the skills most perceived as needed by cultural heritage professionals and students in Europe. From entrepreneurial to digital skills, from connection with tourism and creative sectors to innovative ways to engage visitors in cultural heritage sites, the course is offering a complete and 360° experience thanks to a MOOC and a social platform developed to allow interested users to learn, share, cooperate. With 5 modules the MOOC has been …

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    Barbara Roggio

    The online publication of a special WebGIS allows everyone to access the contents of the Drawings Archive relating to the part of the Area archaeological site of Ostia Antica even simply exploring his plant, in an intuitive way and not related to the knowledge of specific software. In fact, the cartographic documentation existing on a place (insula, shop, temple, spa, etc ...) is available for consultation clicking directly on the corresponding point in the general excavation plan or select it from the list of all buildings of Ostia antica. In addition, by selecting multiple search filters, even more extensive searches can be performed, for example about entire types of monuments…

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    Cormac McCarthy

    This free digital resource is a demonstration of Waterways Irelands ongoing commitment to engaging with our stakeholders on the protection and promotion of our shared waterways heritage. Our Heritage Open Event brings together those with a shared interest in protecting waterways heritage, providing a platform for accessing information, inspiring and supporting action by showcasing projects and community collaborations and raising public awareness

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    Andrew Nelson

    Discover one of Europe's greatest ever furniture-makers, Jean-Henri Riesener. This new microsite presents in-depth content about one of the eighteenth century’s most celebrated furniture-makers, Jean-Henri Riesener (1734–1806). The Wallace Collection has one of the most important holdings of Riesener furniture in the world and this site provides information about his life, his work for the royal French court and his patrons. Most importantly, it examines the furniture at the Wallace Collection, revealing insights into his working methods, the materials he used and the cabinetmaking techniques he employed. The microsite showcases the results of a recently completed five-year research …