Submissions 2014

This year marks the birth of a new award, an award to highlight multimedia use at cultural heritage in Europe -The Heritage in Motion Awards. Heritage in Motion grants awards and celebrates the best multimedia achievements and products -through varied, creative and innovative means, in order to draw attention to the value of Europe’s cultural and natural heritage in all its facets.

Winner of the Best Achievement Award 2014

Bologna City of Water is a multimedia installation in one of the exhibition rooms of the new Museum of the History of Bologna that shows the reconstruction of a canal that flows in the dark under the streets of the city, using an interactive multimedia projection on the floor and a series of video clips projected on holographic screens.

All Submissions

  • Games & Interactive experiences

    Roman cuijk is an 3D environment that anyone can visit as an individual, with friends or as a school class. It has been built accurately to the available archeological record. Besides an impressive, scale built model of a Roman fort and bridge, the environment offers historical information in the form of text and videos, and allows people to test their knowledge of what they have learnt.

  • Games & Interactive experiences

    The Battle for ‘Dondervoort’ is a 5-day transmedial, social school game that lets youngsters (12-15) experience an important part of Dutch history using live role-play, a digital game and urban game accompanied by classical lessons in school.

  • Games & Interactive experiences

    Ironbridge 1837 is a virtual representation of the town of Coalbrookdale in the United Kingdom, the world heritage monument ‘The Ironbridge’ and its surrounding area’s. Slated to open its doors to the public on June 1st 2013, Ironbridge1837 represents an immersive 3D space allowing visitors to visually experience an existing location, learn about live during the industrial revolution and play games around various topics related to the industrial revolution.