Submissions 2016

The Heritage in Motion Awards recognises innovative multimedia projects which promote, explore or safeguard Europe’s cultural heritage, and open up exciting new routes for audiences into heritage collections.

Winner of the Best Achievement Award 2016

Limburg 1914-1918… More than just a memorial campaign, it was the perfect tool to raise awareness among a large audience of the impact of war on people’s daily lives. To make them empathise with their countrymen of 100 years ago. There was a unique launch, a story told on social media, a short movie , a video exhibition and a huge participative project. What if you could feel what people experienced 100 years ago? That was the point of departure for the World War I memorial campaign from the Province of Limburg. We told the story of the War in Limburg by means of fictitious and historical characters who came back to life to tell their stories: online, in a short movie and in a …


  • Film & Video

    The purpose of the music video is to show how universal music is and how easy it is to integrate music of the Balkans, Sirtos, Flamenco, Rock and even Symphonies with the ones from any village of Bursa, even if it is only played with simple instruments such as copper water jugs… This video also aims to show how easy it becomes for people from different cultures to unite around music and that intangible cultural heritage is shaped around people.

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  • Website

    The spaces Bosch presents don’t have anything to do with reality, nor with human comprehension. He is one of the first masters of the history of art who introduces in his images a dreamlike component which exceeds the conscious reality. Fantasy, humor, criticism, the vast symbolic universe that is needed to look over and understand the poetic interpretation of his artistic narrative, serve the painter to explore human nature and its adaptation to the context. The off-screen voice guide the journey and makes stops in passages from R.M. Rilke (sonnets to Orpheus), M.J. Romero (It is still today) and Charles Baudelaire (The clock) which express in poetry the drama of the artist, his ontologica…

  • Website

    This digital project celebrates the historical legacy of textile merchant and social reformer Samuel Morley, through innovative and immersive technology. Created by an independent art gallery in the UK, Backlit has provided a visually and emotionally-led digital archive, allowing users to discover the heritage of long forgotten hero of Nottingham. Through a media-rich and interactive HTML 5 website and an in-house virtual reality experience using the Oculus Rift VR headset, users are able to explore and reimagine the past in a pioneering way.

  • Games & Interactive experiences

    Fietslabyrint is an interactive bike tour through historical city centers in the Netherlands and Europe. It is aimed at people who are not able to ride a bike outside. The tours are displayed on a screen that is connected to a bike exercise trainer. Along the way street names and the names and dates of construction of important buildings, such as the town hall, museums and churches, appear on the screen. At intersections you can choose to turn left or right, allowing you to explore the city in many different ways. Ambient sounds of traffic, children playing and dogs barking contribute to a real life cycling experience.

  • Film & Video

    A short observational Documentary series based on Dublin City. Topics covered are people, buildings, signage, water and parks. Dublin city, the capital of Ireland, is full of rich heritage. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to observe the city at my own pace and communicate my observations through the medium of film. These videos depict both ancient and modern aspects of Dublin’s heritage, and are an honest representation of the city in 2015.

  • Film & Video

    The Glagolitic script, as well as Glagolitic tradition, is a Croatian cultural phenomenon unique for its linguistic, graphic, ethnological, anthropological and semiotic characteristics. In 2014, following the decision of the Ministry of Culture, the Glagolitic script was inscribed into the list of intangible cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia. Creation of murals brings Glagolitic script closer to digital age. Jasna Horvat is the creator of glagolitic murals design and the author of AZ, a novel which directly influences further research into cultural heritage. The Faculty walls covered by Glagolitic script became a canvas for inscribing messages in this old Croatian script. …

  • Film & Video

    The Museum Robbery movie  was inspired by the silent era of the film history. We tried to create an entertaining black-and-white slapstick comedy to promote West Bohemian Museum in Pilsen - and it seems to work...