Submissions 2017

The Heritage in Motion Awards recognises innovative multimedia projects which promote, explore or safeguard Europe’s cultural heritage, and open up exciting new routes for audiences into heritage collections.

Winner of the Best Achievement Award 2017

Tim Powell

Have you ever felt a king’s heart beating in your hands? The Lost Palace allows you to explore the largest palace in Europe… 300 years after it burnt to the ground. A unique combination of immersive audio theatre, interactive technology, architectural installations and live performance, it takes visitors through modern streets to the exact places where Whitehall Palace’s most remarkable history happened – and enables them to hear, touch and feel the past. In the words of one visitor: “I was amazed how easily modern life drifted to the background whilst the past became more vivid and alive around me.” .


  • Games & Interactive experiences

    Davide Pantile

    The “L’Ara com’era” (The Ara As It Was) project, promoted by the City of Rome, Department of Cultural Growth - Capitolina Superintendency of Cultural Heritage, was organised by Zètema Culture Project and assigned to ETT SpA. The subject of this innovative work is one of the most important Roman monuments, Ara Pacis, built by Augustus between 13 and 9 BC. Samsung GearVR viewers bring the Ara reliefs to life, regaining their original splendour right before visitors’ eyes using Augmented and Virtual Reality. The AR system recognises three-dimensional bas-reliefs and carries out real-time tracking “anchoring” the overlay to the real surface, increasing the effectiveness of the experience. …

  • Games & Interactive experiences

    Albert Sierra

    Today's latest game engines and virtual reality devices make it possible to recreate ancient worlds and build experiences with a new aim in mind, not just to see the buildings in an ancient town, but feel as if you were back then. During the last two years we have been working to process the archaeological information of the Iberian ancient town of Ullastret to a complete 3D model of the city that can be experienced in Virtual Reality. A team of archaeologists, designers and programmers has translated all that data to a 3D complete model built with Unreal Engine, a videogame creation software that allows new immersive outputs like 360º videos and VR environments. The …

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    Hello and welcome to the Montmartre Museum! Before becoming a Museum, 12 rue CORTOT, was home to numerous artists. The most famous of whom was Pierre Auguste RENOIR. You discover here in VR a reconstruction of Suzanne VALADON and Maurice UTRILLO’s workshop, two famous French painters. With the headset HTC Vive, the virtual museum of French painters Maurice Utrillo and Suzanne Valadon allows the user to see paintings in 3D, and be immersed in the artist's studio in Montmartre. It is in this location full of history that we invite you to relive Montmartre’s greatest moments.

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  • Games & Interactive experiences

    Karolien Horckmans

    In the 19th century, the United Kingdom of the Netherlands experienced an unprecedented wave of poverty. The Society of Benevolence was established as a direct effort to tackle this wave. The society founded 7 agricultural Colonies within 7 years. Tens of thousands of poverty-stricken individuals were forced to work here under a strict regime. Hard work and fresh air was meant to make better people of them and return them to the straight and narrow path. In 1993, the Belgian vagrancy law was suddenly abolished. Since then, being poor is no longer punishable. The Wortel and Merksplas Colonies fell into disuse. This resulted in a unique 1000ha piece of landscape being freed up that …

  • Games & Interactive experiences

    Tinker imagineers

    The Pannerden Fortress, located furthest east on the famous New Dutch Water Line, is not taken lightly. That’s its charm, it is waiting to be discovered. Starting with the journey out – on foot, by bicycle or across the water – through unspoilt nature. Once you’re inside, the gigantic fortress opens up to you, with its endless corridors and secret stories. Tinker came up with an overall concept for experiencing the Pannerden Fortress. A new identity, with four different adventurous tracks, challenging visitors to battle the elements. One of the four adventurous tracks, challenging visitors to battle the elements, is Elements – The Real-Life Game. A unique game, truly one of a kind. It’s …

  • App

    Wouter van der Horst

    The Rijksmuseum SnapGuide is a web based-app that acts as an engaging and educational tour guide for students visiting the Rijksmuseum. SnapGuide takes an innovative approach to stimulating learning by ditching lectures and books in favour of informal, interactive mobile tours. Inspired by the quick and informal character of camera apps such as Instagram and Snapchat, the SnapGuide is designed to connect today’s visual camera culture, with the visual culture on show at the Rijksmuseum. Rijksmuseum SnapGuide introduces art to 12-18 year olds in an new and personal way. The app features six of the Netherland’s most popular influencers who, through short video blogs, invite young people …

  • Games & Interactive experiences

    Tvrđava kulture Šibenik

    MORE THAN REALITY A revitalization project of the Barone Fortress in Šibenik started in the summer of 2014. After the very successful makeover of the older St. Michael's Fortress into a prestigious open-air summer stage, this second large EU project on one of neglected heritage monuments of Šibenik had an aim to implement high-tech features to revalorize the historical story behind the fortress' construction, as well as the monument itself. Therefore, an augmented reality platform was included into the project, and it was developed along with other digital contents through 9 months of 2015/16. Barone Fortress was opened in January 2016, and AR platform is its main attraction. This …

  • App

    Philipp Breuss-Schneeweis

    "The Speaking Celt" is an Augmented Reality companion app for visitors to the Museum of Celtic Heritage (Keltenmuseum Hallein) in Hallein, Salzburg, Austria. In this app, two Celtic avatars „guide“ the visitors through the museum and explain the artefacts inside the display cases. One Celtic warrior „stands“ in front of the museum as a guard. The technology used is called Augmented Reality and it works like this: First of all, users download and install the free app "The Speaking Celt" on their own smartphone (iOS, Android) from the App Store or from Google Play. They can also borrow an iPad at the reception desk in the museum. Then, within the exhibition, they look for …

  • Games & Interactive experiences

    Paolo Giulierini

    it is the first time that an archeological museum becomes publisher of a pan european videogames aimed at reaching a mature worldwide audience. Father and Son is a 2D side scrolling narrative game that explores the feelings of love, dreams, fear and the passing of time through the story of an archaeologist and the son he never knew. Throughout the game, the main character crosses the lives of people from different historical eras: Ancient Rome, Egypt and Bourbon period. What begins as a personal experience, becomes a universal and timeless story where the present and the past are a set of meaningful choices. In the first two weeks the game reached 100.000 downloads and has been picked …

  • App

    Alexander Lavrov

    Mission possible: Returning gamers to museums! Interactive 3d technologies and game mechanics allow presenting even most complex information in a fascinating way. The number of users returning to a game is several times greater than that of returning users of an ordinary informational app. In the course of the game they are motivated to learn more about the museum exhibits, with which they have repeatedly interacted. This initiates a process of active learning. We realized that game needed to win over some of the large gaming audience and bring it to the virtual museum of Tula State Arms Museum.…

  • Games & Interactive experiences

    Les Poissons Volants

    The temptation of Saint Anthony explores the uncanny creativity of Hieronymus Bosch. The 360° experience transforms his triptych in an animated space and allows us to dive into one of the masterpieces of this undeniable genius from middle age.