Submissions 2018

The Heritage in Motion Awards recognises innovative multimedia projects which promote, explore or safeguard Europe’s cultural heritage, and open up exciting new routes for audiences into heritage collections.

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    Alexander Lavrov

    Bridge between past and future - new museum for new generation by it`s hands. It is the project with 10 years long digital history and with about the century physical world story. The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts is a museum complex that is currently in possession of one of the largest world art collections from Ancient Egypt and Greece to our days. The idea of creating a Museum quarter on Volkhonka Street was conceived by Ivan Tsvetaev, the founder of the Museum. In 2014, a competition was held for the architectural concept of the Museum quarter, in which the project Rhizosphere won. After the completion of the reconstruction project, nine museums will operate on the territory …


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    The BOURDELLE project is a photorealistic VR App between docu-fiction and virtual gamified visit, in the heart of the sculptor Bourdelle's studio. It offers a hybrid narration, where the audience explore the place to discover the artist through a visual, sound, spatial and sensitive experience. With a VR headset, the visitor immerses himself in the world of Bourdelle. He will be able to explore the sculptor’s studio and gradually, by approaching and manipulating statues, objects and tools, he will discover the life and the work of Bourdelle : sound narrative, photos, videos, 3D characters and new spaces. It is the manipulation which favors the appropriation by the visitor, to make him …

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    Madeline Kreßler

    Experience art digitally - before, during and after the visit . Before you visit the Museum Barberini, you can use the Barberini app to find out more about exhibitions or you can explore the museum in 360° panoramas that promise multimedia content. If you want to avoid waiting at the cash desk, buy your tickets in the app. Listen to exciting audio tours during your visit and intuitively navigate around the house with your smartphone. Favorite exhibits can be saved in a favorites list. After the visit you have the opportunity to listen to this content. In the archive of the app you will also find works and audio tours of past exhibitions.

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    Rasmus Lybæk

    One game for all museums The Museum Mystery is a fun and educational game that motivates children aged 6-12 to explore the museum, solve riddles and help Professor Blom save one of the museum's most valuable cultural treasures from the cunning thief, Heidenreich. The game is played on your smartphone through the Useeum app but mainly takes place in the physical space in the museum. It motivates the players to lift their eyes from the screen and find specific places and artefacts in the museum in order to win the game. The Museum Mystery can be adapted to any museum, focusing on the specific themes and artefacts of each museum. The game ties all participating museums …

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    Charlotte Bosman

    We launched a virtual reality tour of Anne Frank's hiding place: Anne Frank House VR. The tour gives a uniquely immersive experience of the hiding place of Anne Frank and the seven other people in the Secret Annex. In the tour all the rooms of the Secret Annex are furnished in the style of the time spent in hiding. The tour lasts for around 25 minutes, is available in seven languages and can be downloaded free of charge from the Oculus Store. Anne Frank House VR shows the furnished rooms of the Secret Annex. Force Field VR has used the latest VR visualisation technology in combination with intensive manual work to arrive at a photorealistic result, all on the basis of extensive …

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    Alexander Diakomanolis

    Walk the Wall Athens is a bilingual app that allows the user to wander, literally and metaphorically, through the streets of Athens and to discover the traces of the ancient city wall. The app will take you to squares and narrow streets, lead you down the basements of buildings, it will have you look through glass floors and shop windows, all the while providing you with a beautifully narrated audio tour and additional specialised information in the form of texts, images and drawings. From a total of 180 sites, in which remains of the ancient fortifications have been revealed so far, the interactive map will guide you step by step to the 35 Points of Interest (POIs), which have been …

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    Léon Wennekes

    The invisible Roman past visualized with a unique APP Nijmegen: the oldest town in The Netherlands and its close villages south of the town were once the most civilized area of the Roman empire in the Netherlands. The town (Noviomagus), a huge army place (XX-legion), thriving villages and huge estates were common in the area. Unfortunately, there is virtually nothing left of this rich heritage. Here’s where this APP comes in. It’s a biking tour in three stages. Every stage has its own topics and with GPS this APP brings the following content to the target group of families: - Cycle to your own (virtual) archaeological treasures on specific GPS locations and literally excavate …