Submissions 2019

The Heritage in Motion Awards recognises innovative multimedia projects which promote, explore or safeguard Europe’s cultural heritage, and open up exciting new routes for audiences into heritage collections.


  • Film & Video

    Mark Leslie

    'A Royal Love Triangle That Went Beyond The Pale' Ormond Castle is Ireland’s largest surviving Elizabethan house. It reopened to the public in 2019 after decades of restoration. It has the most important 16th Century interiors in Ireland. After centuries of dilapidation, the oak panelling, carved stone fireplaces and sophisticated plaster ceilings have regained their former splendour. Ormond Castle lost its original furniture and fittings when the powerful Butler dynasty, the Earls of Ormond, moved to the larger Kilkenny Castle in the 17th Century. The castle and its owner are introduced to visitors waiting for guided tours in a holding area re-furbished in the manner of a …

  • Film & Video

    Irena Šinkovec

    The Ljubljanica River features an extensive karstic and wetland basin and numerous archaeological finds that place it among the world’s sites of special interest. One of the richest and at the same time most endangered archaeological sites was declared a cultural monument of national importance in 2003 and is also protected as natural assets of national importance. The Ljubljanica River project was conceived in 2014-2016 by the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana in collaboration with the Vrhnika municipality, Ljubljana's Biotechnical Faculty as well as domestic and foreign experts. It was co-financed by EEA Grants. The project focused on underwater research, the conservation of a dugout …

  • Film & Video

    Cormac McCarthy

    This digital media project is innovative as it uses modern non-conventional means not usually employed in a heritage setting (i.e not research or technical based) to convey the importance of intangible cultural heritage and peoples sense of place and connection with the natural environment. In addition to promoting the valuable work of communities along the inland waterways it also had the added benefit of promoting the waterways as recreational and tourism assets, in a soft e-marketing manner. Tagline - Stories from the Waterways

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  • Film & Video

    Martina I

    The two medieval polyptychs from Dubrovnik's nearby islands are eminent examples of Croatia's valuable national heritage that put the history of the region's artistic expression into the international context. They were initially attributed to local masters of the 15th century, but this thesis was later revised when the polyptychs were dated a century earlier, and placed in the context of Venetian painting. After conservation, it was concluded that the recent discovery should be presented to the public. This is reflected in the chosen presentation method of the "Hidden Trecento" project - a portable, lightweight structure raised on the arguably busiest location of the Dubrovnik's pedestrian …

  • Film & Video

    Sara Leal

    There is a secluded place in the northeast part of the island of Sao Jorge, in the Azores. Few people live there permanently, for its tough lifestyle renounces contemporary comforts we take for granted, as power lines and good communication services. There is no zip code, the mail is not delivered door to door. Reared by a steep and imposing green wall of trees and suspended roots, yet facing the openness of the horizon and the lagoon, this natural reserve is a sanctuary in many senses, and its rhythm varies immensely throughout the seasons. The film is a personal essay that follows that movement in time, from the solo winter to the summertimes of surfing waves and the Holy Spirit …

  • Film & Video

    Camille Baltes

    Virtual reality is coming to the Antique Theatre in Orange! The historical monument has been digitally reconstituted, providing visitors with a 360° virtual tour via virtual reality headsets. Visitors are invited to immerse in the heart of Roman antiquity through an intense immersive experience. Taken back to the first century BCE, the spectator witnesses the construction of the theatre, from the founding of the ancient city of Arausio to its theater’s inauguration. Discover cultural heritage from a new perspective! Orange’s Antique Theatre is moving into the digital age in order to highlight all its former splendor. Promoting cultural heritage, virtual reality will give you the …

  • Film & Video

    Galerija Matice srpske

    "English Women in Paris" is a short film of the Gallery of Matica srpska made within the series of videos called “In Focus”. Published once a month on YouTube Channel of the Gallery, the videos are produced with the aim of promoting art, collection and ongoing exhibitions. The idea is to tell a short story about the most representative and most interesting works of art from the collection in popular and contemporary form. The history and perceptions of artworks are described by reviving the scenes, characters, artists and their life situations, as well as by close “focus” on the canvas. Using YouTube, as a very popular platform for video publishing, the Gallery has made anew step in …

  • Film & Video

    Riitta Nelimarkka

    This tiny film, BONGA CASTLE - Jardin de l’Art, composed by the incredibly sensitive Debussy´s prelude Bruyères woven to Bonga Castle´s flowing atmosphere and colorful art works, many of them having a background of Monet´s garden near Paris, makes us forget the fuss and relax for 3 minutes 45 seconds. Hope we then soon start to appreciate Seneca´s wise and permissive words: OTIUM REFISIS VIRES - Idleness recharges your batteries. The film is made at the atelier of Seneca in Helsinki Marjaniemi during May - June 2019. It is created by Riitta Nelimarkka just for Heritage in Motion. Seneca ltd has produced all Nelimarkka´s films by the years, among which there is a documentary film of Bonga, …