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  • Film & Video

    M Larkin

    A QR Code triggered video tour consisting of 10 points of interest linking the structural heritage of Roscommon town to the stories of its people. The stories of Roscommon Town's historic buildings are passionately recounted by locals from the area and vividly portrayed by footage of the fascinating and sometimes hidden features of these structures. All that is needed to take part, is a mobile device with a QR Code Reader App and a love of Heritage. Easily accessible by scanning QR Codes on discrete signs at the points of interest, the viewer discovers when the landmarks were built, who founded them and their purpose through the ages. Anecdotes and folklore relating to the sites are …

  • App

    Rasmus Lybæk

    One game for all museums The Museum Mystery is a fun and educational game that motivates children aged 6-12 to explore the museum, solve riddles and help Professor Blom save one of the museum's most valuable cultural treasures from the cunning thief, Heidenreich. The game is played on your smartphone through the Useeum app but mainly takes place in the physical space in the museum. It motivates the players to lift their eyes from the screen and find specific places and artefacts in the museum in order to win the game. The Museum Mystery can be adapted to any museum, focusing on the specific themes and artefacts of each museum. The game ties all participating museums …

  • Games & Interactive experiences

    Gurinder Singh Mann

    A project that brought forgotten relics, including the original version of the infamous Koh-i-noor diamond, to life. The project on the Anglo Sikh Wars showcased forgotten relics and artefacts from the battles that pitched the Sikh Empire and the East India Company in the nineteenth century. Many of the relics had never been seen before in public. Various objects were recreated in 3D including swords, shields, flags, breastplates, quoits and medals. This allowed visitors to explore these objects through a touchscreen monitor as well as seeing them come alive through augmented reality technology. Visitors were also able to see 3D printed objects through arts and crafts sessions held …

  • App

    Charlotte Bosman

    We launched a virtual reality tour of Anne Frank's hiding place: Anne Frank House VR. The tour gives a uniquely immersive experience of the hiding place of Anne Frank and the seven other people in the Secret Annex. In the tour all the rooms of the Secret Annex are furnished in the style of the time spent in hiding. The tour lasts for around 25 minutes, is available in seven languages and can be downloaded free of charge from the Oculus Store. Anne Frank House VR shows the furnished rooms of the Secret Annex. Force Field VR has used the latest VR visualisation technology in combination with intensive manual work to arrive at a photorealistic result, all on the basis of extensive …

  • Film & Video


    The exhibition offers three approaches to the past: TERRA, HOMO and NATURA. Each section presents the exhibits in a narrative as well as poetical way. Media on-demand provides information in a very sophisticated and touching way.

  • App

    Alexander Diakomanolis

    Walk the Wall Athens is a bilingual app that allows the user to wander, literally and metaphorically, through the streets of Athens and to discover the traces of the ancient city wall. The app will take you to squares and narrow streets, lead you down the basements of buildings, it will have you look through glass floors and shop windows, all the while providing you with a beautifully narrated audio tour and additional specialised information in the form of texts, images and drawings. From a total of 180 sites, in which remains of the ancient fortifications have been revealed so far, the interactive map will guide you step by step to the 35 Points of Interest (POIs), which have been …