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    Martina I

    The two medieval polyptychs from Dubrovnik's nearby islands are eminent examples of Croatia's valuable national heritage that put the history of the region's artistic expression into the international context. They were initially attributed to local masters of the 15th century, but this thesis was later revised when the polyptychs were dated a century earlier, and placed in the context of Venetian painting. After conservation, it was concluded that the recent discovery should be presented to the public. This is reflected in the chosen presentation method of the "Hidden Trecento" project - a portable, lightweight structure raised on the arguably busiest location of the Dubrovnik's pedestrian …

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    Sara Leal

    There is a secluded place in the northeast part of the island of Sao Jorge, in the Azores. Few people live there permanently, for its tough lifestyle renounces contemporary comforts we take for granted, as power lines and good communication services. There is no zip code, the mail is not delivered door to door. Reared by a steep and imposing green wall of trees and suspended roots, yet facing the openness of the horizon and the lagoon, this natural reserve is a sanctuary in many senses, and its rhythm varies immensely throughout the seasons. The film is a personal essay that follows that movement in time, from the solo winter to the summertimes of surfing waves and the Holy Spirit …