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    House of European History

    Views on Europe - An immersive and interactive exploration of European cities past and present “Views on Europe”, as part of the 6th floor permanent exhibition Europe Now at the House of European History, has a digital art gallery which shows more than 500 images and photographs from more than 50 European cities, creating a kaleidoscope of visual art, which reflects city life throughout history. The presentation shows the visitor that visual art is a key element of European culture, as is the city. It is designed as a space for multiple uses, such as collaborative and participatory projects, and multimedia events that take place across different locations throughout Europe. Projection…

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    Rakel Vella

    The subject matter of this immersive virtual experience is 13 Old Master paintings, ranging from the late 15th to the mid-18th centuries, currently on display at MUŻA, the National Community Art Museum in Valletta, Malta. The paintings include autograph works by notorious artists Giovanni Baglione, François Boucher, and Claude-Joseph Vernet, and are on a generous long-term loan from an international private collection. The exhibition also features paintings commissioned to Peter Paul Rubens and workshop.

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    Kima Maskovska

    Virtual or just like a real Riga castle! Take the opportunity to look into the future premises of Riga Castle without leaving home. We invite you to watch the video of the project reconstruction and restoration. Due to the conditions created by the pandemic it is not possible to go on a full-day tour or try 3D glasses in person so we offer to watch a short 2.16-minute video, which will give you an insight into what Riga Castle will look like after the reconstruction that is currently going on and led by SJSC “State Real Estate” (SRE). The same virtual reality with interactive experience can be seen and felt by wearing our 3D glasses that allow viewer to travel through premises of Rigas …