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  • Games & Interactive experiences

    CtrlArt creative studio

    TravelAR, bringing cultural heritage back to life. The TravelAR Slovenia project is an exciting and groundbreaking project that brings back to life cultural heritage through dynamic Augmented Reality tourism visitor experiences. The TravelAR Slovenia project is an innovative community-driven endeavour that presents and preserves cultural heritage and boosts local tourism. The aim of the TravelAR Slovenia project is to create an Augmented Reality heritage trail that spans cultural heritage sites, towns and cities in Slovenia, and to actively involve local communities in the design and production of the content in the TravelAR Slovenia visitor experiences. The focal point of the project …

  • Games & Interactive experiences


    How can you bring old archived documents back to life? We have been developing an exciting interactive quest for the National Archive together with exhibition designers Platform through a specially developed story archive. You will experience how the time, the place and the circumstances in which you were born will influence the opportunities and choices you have or don’t have in the ‘Who am I, who were you?’ exhibition.

  • Film & Video

    Galerija Matice srpske

    "English Women in Paris" is a short film of the Gallery of Matica srpska made within the series of videos called “In Focus”. Published once a month on YouTube Channel of the Gallery, the videos are produced with the aim of promoting art, collection and ongoing exhibitions. The idea is to tell a short story about the most representative and most interesting works of art from the collection in popular and contemporary form. The history and perceptions of artworks are described by reviving the scenes, characters, artists and their life situations, as well as by close “focus” on the canvas. Using YouTube, as a very popular platform for video publishing, the Gallery has made anew step in …

  • Film & Video

    Riitta Nelimarkka

    This tiny film, BONGA CASTLE - Jardin de l’Art, composed by the incredibly sensitive Debussy´s prelude Bruyères woven to Bonga Castle´s flowing atmosphere and colorful art works, many of them having a background of Monet´s garden near Paris, makes us forget the fuss and relax for 3 minutes 45 seconds. Hope we then soon start to appreciate Seneca´s wise and permissive words: OTIUM REFISIS VIRES - Idleness recharges your batteries. The film is made at the atelier of Seneca in Helsinki Marjaniemi during May - June 2019. It is created by Riitta Nelimarkka just for Heritage in Motion. Seneca ltd has produced all Nelimarkka´s films by the years, among which there is a documentary film of Bonga, …

  • Film & Video

    M Larkin

    A QR Code triggered video tour consisting of 10 points of interest linking the structural heritage of Roscommon town to the stories of its people. The stories of Roscommon Town's historic buildings are passionately recounted by locals from the area and vividly portrayed by footage of the fascinating and sometimes hidden features of these structures. All that is needed to take part, is a mobile device with a QR Code Reader App and a love of Heritage. Easily accessible by scanning QR Codes on discrete signs at the points of interest, the viewer discovers when the landmarks were built, who founded them and their purpose through the ages. Anecdotes and folklore relating to the sites are …

  • App

    Rasmus Lybæk

    One game for all museums The Museum Mystery is a fun and educational game that motivates children aged 6-12 to explore the museum, solve riddles and help Professor Blom save one of the museum's most valuable cultural treasures from the cunning thief, Heidenreich. The game is played on your smartphone through the Useeum app but mainly takes place in the physical space in the museum. It motivates the players to lift their eyes from the screen and find specific places and artefacts in the museum in order to win the game. The Museum Mystery can be adapted to any museum, focusing on the specific themes and artefacts of each museum. The game ties all participating museums …

  • Games & Interactive experiences

    Gurinder Singh Mann

    A project that brought forgotten relics, including the original version of the infamous Koh-i-noor diamond, to life. The project on the Anglo Sikh Wars showcased forgotten relics and artefacts from the battles that pitched the Sikh Empire and the East India Company in the nineteenth century. Many of the relics had never been seen before in public. Various objects were recreated in 3D including swords, shields, flags, breastplates, quoits and medals. This allowed visitors to explore these objects through a touchscreen monitor as well as seeing them come alive through augmented reality technology. Visitors were also able to see 3D printed objects through arts and crafts sessions held …