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    GRIMMWELT Kassel

    GRIMMWELT Kassel At GRIMMWELT Kassel, opened in 2015, visitors can follow the traces of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, the famous fairy tale collectors and linguists. Valuable originals – for example first editions of their “Children’s and Household Tales” – are on show in the exhibition’s treasure chamber. Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm’s personal working copies with their handwritten notes dating from 1812-1815 were declared to be “Memory of the World” documents by UNESCO in 2005. 5th & 15th anniversary In 2020 GRIMMWELT Kassel celebrated its 5th anniversary and the 15th anniversary of the declaration of the “Children’s and Household Tales” to be a “Memory of the World” by UNESCO. Therefore, …

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    Novena d.o.o.

    Making a 3D model of the Rector's Palace in Dubrovnik according to historical data on the development of the building. 3D animation of development and reconstruction through the period from the 13th to the 17th century.

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    Andrew Nelson

    Discover one of Europe's greatest ever furniture-makers, Jean-Henri Riesener. This new microsite presents in-depth content about one of the eighteenth century’s most celebrated furniture-makers, Jean-Henri Riesener (1734–1806). The Wallace Collection has one of the most important holdings of Riesener furniture in the world and this site provides information about his life, his work for the royal French court and his patrons. Most importantly, it examines the furniture at the Wallace Collection, revealing insights into his working methods, the materials he used and the cabinetmaking techniques he employed. The microsite showcases the results of a recently completed five-year research …

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    Marco Cozza

    Underwater Archaeology turns into a videogame, suited for both children and their parents. Dive in the Past is a Serious Game developed in the framework of the MeDryDive project, funded by the COSME Programme of the European Commission. Its main goal is to create interest in the Underwater Cultural Heritage among the general public, raising awareness about the importance of its enhancement and encouraging a revival of game tourism related to Cultural Underwater Sites. Dive in the Past mixes the exploration of four real Underwater Archaeological Sites (the Underwater Archaeological Park of Baiae in Italy, the Oreste shipwreck in Montenegro, the wreck of Gnalić in Croatia, the wreck of …

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    The old abbey at Esrum (northern Zealand, Denmark) has a rich history and is a museum today. It was founded in 1151 and was once one of the largest and most famous abbeys in Denmark, but lost to us in 1559. Now, only one building remains. Esrum Kloster wanted to recreate the original abbey in virtual reality to allow visitors the ability to experience it. We collaborated with the historians at Esrum Kloster and used reference material from churches and abbeys throughout Europe to create this virtual tour that transports the audience back in time to Esrum Kloster at its height. Visitors can now virtually tour the entire abbey on an immersive historic and spiritual journey through the old …

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    Annemarie Hogervorst

    Art and heritage provide a new perspective on major themes The Digitale Scheurkalender Burgerschap (‘Digital Block Calendar Citizenship’) links art and heritage to the most important themes of citizenship education, such as democracy, solidarity, diversity and freedom of speech. Each subject is introduced with a work of art and viewed from historical facts. By taking art and heritage as a starting point, students have the freedom to explore different perspectives. IWB lessons The IWB (interactive whiteboard) lessons have been developed by Kunstgebouw and Erfgoedhuis Zuid-Holland for students in secondary education. Lecturers and citizenship experts have contributed to the …

  • Games & Interactive experiences

    David Rovira

    The virtual tour is therefore the result of two parallel processes at the service of a new experience in heritage interpretation. Firstly, a technological process where use has been made of the latest digital innovations at the service of heritage and, secondly, a humanistic and interpretative process, based on obtaining new knowledge about this heritage. The result is a new product that enables new audiences to be reached, without the conditioning factors of a strategic plant for the intake and pumping of water that provides an essential service to the city of Barcelona and its environs. With virtual tours, geographical barriers cease to be a conditioning factor and the experience of …

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    Alexander Lavrov

    A huge number of museums in the world are dedicated to people who have made great contributions to humanity. Each exhibit in such museums is not accidental and is an illustration of one or another side of the owner's personality. Yet most visitors find it difficult to understand the value and significance of the items on exhibition. We asked ourselves the question - what if things could talk? What would they say about their owners? What would it even look like? Augmented reality technology has helped answer these questions. In 2020, an augmented reality guide was implemented at the Cinema Museum in the room of the legendary Soviet film director Sergei Eisenstein, who played a key role …