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  • Film & Video

    Sergio Pereira

    By the late First Century BC, the end of peninsular wars and the Roman administrative organization made Conimbriga the center of a vast territory, which encompassed the area between the rivers Mondego and Arunca in Portugal. This centrality attracts people with new lifestyles and knowledge that boost an unprecedented progress. The new roman order provided a broad network of opportunities and successes for the local people, allowing the natives success, wealth and power.

  • Games & Interactive experiences

    Paolo Giulierini

    it is the first time that an archeological museum becomes publisher of a pan european videogames aimed at reaching a mature worldwide audience. Father and Son is a 2D side scrolling narrative game that explores the feelings of love, dreams, fear and the passing of time through the story of an archaeologist and the son he never knew. Throughout the game, the main character crosses the lives of people from different historical eras: Ancient Rome, Egypt and Bourbon period. What begins as a personal experience, becomes a universal and timeless story where the present and the past are a set of meaningful choices. In the first two weeks the game reached 100.000 downloads and has been picked …

  • Film & Video

    Janet van Essen

    The submitted project ‘From Marsh to Modern Living’ is one of the key exhibits of the recently opened Museum Hoge Woerd. It offers a stunning experience of the ‘biography’ of the Leidsche Rijn area, a recent town development of the City of Utrecht. The 360° panoramic movie starts about 3,000 years ago, when prehistoric farmer-gathererss deposited a red deer antler in a riverbed. Time accelerates and then pauses again as the visitor witnesses an Iron Age midwinter fest, and the emergence of the Roman frontier along the river Rhine. Dramatic changes of scenery occur as we witness the main periods of human occupation: prosperous farmers in the Early Middle Ages, the construction of castles in …

  • Film & Video

    Bursa Metropolitan Municipality

    Museums are the reflection of life. They do not only inform their visitors with various visual and sensual objects but they also provide their visitors the opportunity to experience different cultures, time and locations. When people visit museums they find the chance to experience a different time, a different way of life, different practices and to better understand their own life. Reviving Museums is a short movie that both promotes the museums of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality at one hand and at the other hand tells us how powerful museums are in reviving experiences of others. In the movie the museums revive and provide a great time to the visitors as they experience different …

  • Film & Video

    John Ferry

    Sarah Bernhardt was the single most influential figure in Mucha’s life as an artist. Narrated by an interview with Tamsin Omond, Alphonse Mucha’s great-grand-daughter, this dynamic short film explores Mucha’s relationship with Bernhardt and the influence that she had upon his life as an artist.