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  • Film & Video

    Riitta Nelimarkka

    EERO NELIMARKKA – per aspera ad astra. Documentary film about the Finnish painter (1891-1977) with a strong French influence. The aim of the project is use the form of a film to make the life’s work of the major Finnish artist, Professor Eero Nelimarkka, more widely known, so as to reveal a new, radical, European side to the life and oeuvre of this artist who has been seen as a patriotic peasant. It also reveals more generally the influence radiating out from European art movements of the start of the 20th century on the life of a country that was then hidden away in the Baltic, an influence that continues to be a vital force right up to the present day. The material for this film …

  • App

    Léon Wennekes

    The invisible Roman past visualized with a unique APP Nijmegen: the oldest town in The Netherlands and its close villages south of the town were once the most civilized area of the Roman empire in the Netherlands. The town (Noviomagus), a huge army place (XX-legion), thriving villages and huge estates were common in the area. Unfortunately, there is virtually nothing left of this rich heritage. Here’s where this APP comes in. It’s a biking tour in three stages. Every stage has its own topics and with GPS this APP brings the following content to the target group of families: - Cycle to your own (virtual) archaeological treasures on specific GPS locations and literally excavate …

  • Film & Video

    Luca Agnani

    Video mapping 3d on the winter palace for the 500th anniversary of the Russian revolution

  • Games & Interactive experiences

    Karlien Metz

    The resistance staged a spectacular operation in Amsterdam in 1943: an attack on the Registry Office. Visitors can experience this operation 75 years later at the Dutch Resistance Museum as part of the interactive exhibition Risk of Explosion! The exhibition has an extraordinary design that combines various media, such as a 3D audio tour with soundscapes, life-size graphic drawings, animated images and various interactive elements. These media enhance the experience of the exhibition and make this important and moving story from Dutch history accessible to a broad audience, especially the main target group of young people between the ages of 15 and 25. Visitors to the exhibitio…

  • Games & Interactive experiences

    Wille Brusse

    Studio Louter has developed the world's first Augmented Reality tour with ARKit for the Philips Museum in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The Philips Design Tour takes the visitor along nine challenges where he or she can walk around freely to discover the heritage of Philips design. Since 1891 Dutch and European households make use of the iconic Philips products and thanks to the Tour the visitor can step into the history of everyday life and experience the past in a unique way.