Atlantikwall. De Verborgen Grens

Educative movie about local war history
‘Atlantikwall – De Verborgen Grens (in English: The Hidden Border) is an educative movie for 11-12 year old children. It is part of a larger educational project, which exists of three lessons about the Atlantikwall and history of World War II. the first lesson introduces the concept of the Atlantikwall, during the second lesson one of the remaining bunkers is visited, during the third lesson the experiences are discussed. The movie is an essential part of the curriculum  and can be shown in the classroom, but is also distributed amongst the different Atlantikwall musea that are located in bunkers or other Atlantikwall-objects spread along the Dutch coast. The movie aims to raise awareness about the history of war amongst the youngest generation. It connects the children with the war events that happened in their direct living environment. It learns them to recognise the traces of war in the surrounding landscape and lets them understand that this (brutal) history is also part of their past. The story is told by a series of chronological events, combined with personal stories and experiences. Footage and photographs from the war are mixed with new footage, in order to bring a non-fictional film with which the students can easily empathize .
Also, the film is produced  in a way that the story and footage can easily be adapted according to the the local history of other ‘Atlantikwall-provinces’. This way, the stories and locations will always be recognizable for the children as their own environment.

Private distribution
Due to  image rights of some of the archival footage, the film may be shown only to private groups at school or in a heritage institution or museum.
The video on this page is the official trailer.

Extra media