AZ – Croatian Glagolitic Murals

Who am I?
The Glagolitic Azbuka begins with the symbol: Az.
»Az« is a symbol that signifies the letter A, number one and the first person singular – »I«.
»Az« is a symbol, a number, a letter, but also a question: Who am I?
»Az« is the beginning of an ambitious alphabet which requires not only writing, but also questioning. Eternal, driven and stubborn, always with the same vigor.

Is it not logical that exactly the conception of the first Glagolitic letter as such aroused interest in its creator? Does not the creator of these letters intrigue you as well? The very first letter asks: Who am I?

There are many legends about the beginnings of the Glagolitic alphabet.
According to one of them, the creator of the Glagolitic alphabet is Constantnine of Solon. This theory was considered valid by one of the contemporaries of the XV Century, George of Slavonia. George’s knowledge about the Glagolitic Azbuka confirms the skill by which he interpreted its hidden meanings. Within the first nine letters of the Glagolitic script, George unravelled Constantine’s hidden message and answered the question of the first letter: Who am I?

I a Christian, who knows the letters, Am saying that it is good to live on earth with honor.
Constantine’s Azbuka contains other secret messages as well. However, the first nine letters are a clear path toward what one should say to himself when one runs out of answers to the question ’Who am I?’.

Glagolitic murals at the Faculty of Economics are telling the story about the Azbuka of Constantine.
It is for those who are rested.
Also, it is for those who are persistent enough.
»Az« addresses the audience who are wondering: Who am I?

1, A – AZЪ Me (Christian)
2, B – BUKY Letter
3, V – VÊDÊ (vêdêti) Know
4, G – GLAGOLJǪ (glagolati)
5, D – DOBRÊ Well
6, E – ESTЪ Is
7, Ž – ŽIVÊTI Live
8, Ʒ – ƷÊLO Very
9, Z – ZEMLI Earth

10, Ї – ЇŽE
20, I – I And
30, Ĵ/Ĝ – ĐERV
40, K – KAKO How
50, L – LJUDIE Humans
60, M – MYSLITE (mysliti)
70, N – NAŠЬ Our
80, O – ONЪ (onъ) Him
90, P – POKOI – mir Rest

100, R – RЪCI Say
200, S – SLOVO Word
300, T – TVRDO Firmly
400, U – UKЪ
500, F – FRЪTЪ
600, H – HȆRЪ
700, ω – OTЬ
800, Ĉ – ŠTA
900, C – CI

The Glagolitic script, as well as Glagolitic tradition, is a Croatian cultural phenomenon unique for its linguistic, graphic, ethnological, anthropological and semiotic characteristics. What differentiates Glagolitic from other scripts is the fact that its creator is known (St. Ćiril Constantine), as well as its mission (promoting Christianity) and vision (simultaneous acceptance of both script and faith). It is the only script which justified its regional, global and economic purpose already in the 9th century.
In 2014, following the decision of the Ministry of Culture, the Glagolitic script was inscribed into the list of intangible cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia. On 7th February 2014 the Ministry of Culture issued a Decision, stating that the art of reading, writing and printing of the Glagolitic script possesses attributes of an intangible cultural property.
Az – Croatian glagolitc murals painted at the Faculty of Economics in Osijek – a small city in the Republic of Croatia – are telling the story about glagolitc heritage. These glagolitic murals expect the audience who are wondering: Who am I? Always. Forever.

Good morning humans.

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