Bandritzer 561

In the summer of 2012, the heritage festival ‘Quartered in Gelderland’ travelled the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands. With 80 heritage institutions presenting 250 activities on the military past of the province and with 250,000 visitors, the festival was a great success. The Bandritzer 561 was the eye-catcher of ‘Quartered in Gelderland’ and functioned as a linking element, connecting locations, eras and activities.

This Bandritzer 561 is an enigmatic monster that has been designed and developed especially for ‘Quartered in Gelderland’ by Tinker Imagineers. Is it a tank? A digging machine? A military project left behind? A time machine? The machine turned up in front of museums and at locations where extraordinary festival events were held. Wherever the converted sea container with its fabulous stripes appeared, people would go and stand in line – even without knowing what for.

Once inside the Bandritzer, they were in for an intriguing multi-media show, taking them on a trip along the most important military episodes from the history of Gelderland. Fragments of film created for the purpose took the viewers on a trip through twenty centuries of sieges, wars and billeting.

Every piece of film shown in the travelling theatre referred to an exhibition or event behind it, all presented in a thrilling clip of a few minutes. The visitors travelled through time and, in passing, got an inkling of what the festival had to offer.

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