Bologna, city of water

The project candidate is a multimedia installation in one of the exhibition rooms of the new Museum of the History of Bologna which is part of the museum network called “Genus Bononiae” which includes eight historic buildings in the city centre of Bologna each one restored and reconverted to cultural uses by the Carisbo Foundation. But perhaps the most spectacular Room of all is that dedicated to the theme of  Bologna City of Water: here the ingenious creation of the architect Mario Bellini incorporates a multimedia installation projected by Studio Base 2, on the basis of the museological concept by Massimo Negri.

In the reconstruction of a canal that flows in the dark under the streets of the city, created thanks to the use of large reflecting surfaces and a sophisticated fibre optic lighting system that reproduces a Wood’s lamp effect, an interactive multimedia carpet is projected along with a series of video clips dedicated to the history of Bologna’s water system, interwoven with ludic elements that make the experience of this Room particularly memorable. A veritable digital full immersion in the city of water explored here in a totally unexpected manner.

Four professional projectors with wide-angle zoom lenses project the water on the floor. Meanwhile, four high-resolution cameras with IR filters and illuminators are connected to a custom studioBASE2 motion sensing software interface that ripples the water as visitors walk on it. Sound is reproduced by in-ceiling speakers and four sound showers. The story of the city’s water system is told in four adjacent niches, each with an ultra shortthrow projector and a holographic rearprojection screen.

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