Bonga Castle

In 1998 the estate came into its present owners Riitta Nelimarkka and Jaakko Seeck. The worn-out patrician castle has been renovated in the course of the years, with reverence to its old style. The house has been heated ecologically with wood chips since 1998. Also the engineering of the building has been completely redone. The church-side wing of the big main building now serves as atelier and production spaces. The south-side of the building has been renovated into an art museum-gallery that is open to the public. Nearly two hundred of Nelimarkka┬┤s works are displayed there: drawings, aquarelles, graphic art, collages, woolen and flax reliefs, textile pictures, paintings, art and poetry books, photographs and animated films.

DVD has been posted two English subtitled versions and one French subtitled version. If you need the third also in English, it can be delivered immediately. Online version has English subtitles, link

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