EUscreen Virtual Exhibitions

EUscreen exhibitions show European television history, ranging from culinary programs and politics to lifestyle, environmental issues, disasters and fashion in 19 different countries.

EUscreen makes thousands of items from Europe’s television history freely available through its multilingual online portal and through Europeana. More than 40.000 video clips, full programmes, documents, photographs and audio sources from all over Europe have been provided with rich descriptions that are available as Linked Open Data and have been made freely accessible online.

EUscreen exhibition portal

Researchers, experts and members of its partner broadcasters and audiovisual archives created a series of online exhibitions to help users get the most from the EUscreen material. These exhibitions cover historical events, political debates and everyday life in Europe. currently presents 23 different exhibitions, most of which are further divided into sub-chapters or strands. The exhibitions bring a storyline approach to a rich collection of audiovisual heritage materials and provide a narrative context that threads together source materials from different cultural spheres and eras.

Expert knowledge and a fascinating range of materials combine to offer exciting exhibitions on a wide range of subjects. One example of such an exhibition is the exhibition Being European, which brings together source materials from providers across the continent and is divided in multiple strands that showcase what European culture and identity may signify. The tools designed for these exhibitions allow for the insertion of multimedia materials from all the project’s content providers. A link back to the original items on the site allows users to find out more about them, share the links or get in touch with the providers themselves.

EUscreen exhibition builder

The Exhibition Builder will be opened up to site visitors to give users the opportunity to create their own online exhibitions using video clips, pictures, audio and documents selected from the EUscreen collection. In this way students, teachers, historians and other television enthusiasts can create their own digital exhibition on historical events, political debates and everyday life in Europe. The Exhibition Builder offers page templates with different layouts and various visual themes to tailor the look of an exhibition. Media items, such as video clips, can be easily placed on the pages and complemented with text and links. With the help or the annotation editor, a user can bookmark a specific fragment of a clip and insert a direct link to this fragment. The Builder also creates an automated introductory page, provides room for a curatorial statement and generates a list of sources used in the exhibition.

To explore the first exhibitions curated by researchers and content providers from across Europe, visit:

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