Explore historical city centers in a safe environment
Fietslabyrint is more than a nice bike tour. For those who cannot go outside to enjoy a bike ride, it is an opportunity to explore the world outside while cycling in a safe environment. Therefore Fietslabyrint is widely used in rehabilitation, elderly care and hospital departments.

Motivation to exercise
The route on the screen stops running when the cyclist stops moving, thus providing extra motivation to continue. Because of the beautiful views users no longer pay attention to the time and easily reach their necessary amount of exercise, without it being perceived as boring.

Sense of freedom and autonomy
The routes with options to choose left or right offer a possibility to explore a city in different ways. It also gives the user a sense of autonomy. The recent images and real life sounds keep people in touch with what is happening outside.

Social activity
Especially for elderly people Fietslabyrint is also a social activity. The tours along streets and buildings of their former hometowns or other familiar environments often bring back valuable memories and thus provides a way for caretakers and fellow residents to start a conversation.

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