Gubec Teater

The Museum of Peasant Uprisings (Muzej seljačkih buna) is Croatian pioneer of thematic and living-history events. Presentations of enlivened history, today present in each and every part of our homeland, enrich tourist offer, so the Museum decided to make several versions of tournaments, historic espisodes and battles. In GUBEC THEATRE mapping, those museum programmes were used in the scenes related to peasants’ everyday life, their riots and complaints against Franjo Tahy, one of the cruelest feudal lords who was even prosecuted by the Royal Chamber. This part of mapping used original text from the 16th century document kept in the National Archive of Croatia.

GUBEC TEATAR (Gubec Theater) is a multimedia-mapping created in the Museum of Peasant Uprisings, Croatia as a powerful impetus for using new technologies in museum storytelling. The multimedia combines animation, films and light effects in order to enliven the Monument of Peasants’ Revolt and Matija Gubec and in such a way an overwhelming narration of historic events has been produced abundant with artistic solutions. The historical subject of the great 16thcentury peasant revolt against feudal lords becomes creatively related to the high rhetoric of the work of art, and a special innovation is the “enlivenment” of certain characters, projected on the monument in one swirl of colors and movements, augmenting the impression of the experience over and over again.

Since the 21st century, being the era of new technologies, aims to target new audiences the museum managed to show high quality of new technological approach by relating virtual solutions, works of art, performing arts and public memory, which turns the real historical adventure into a national multimedia-legend.

Source format HD video / 3D projection on the 40-meter long monument

Sound and colour

Extra media