Hel Looks – street styles from Helsinki 2005-2014

Hel Looks has been documenting street styles in Helsinki, capital of Finland, since 2005. Hel Looks documents individual, unique looks and styles, without age, gender or other boundaries or limits. The blog was started in July 2005 and it’s created by Liisa Jokinen and Sampo Karjalainen who have also taken all the photos on the site.Street style and fashion are an important part of the living history of any city, and deserves to be documented. Hel Looks has been featured in several Finnish and foreign magazines and newspapers from Wall Street Journal to El Pais and Buzzfeed.com. A travelling Hel Looks photo exhibition visited 10 countries in 2006-2012. In June 2014 Jokinen and Karjalainen moved to San Francisco, and they had to put Hel Looks on a break. Their aim is to continue project if they ever move back to Finland. Hel Looks used to attract around 7 000 – 10 000 daily visitors. Hel Looks was one of the first regularly updated street style sites.

Photo 1 - Ama, 22
“I’m wearing gloves by Ensæmble, a second hand nightshirt and shoes from Monki. I love colours. I would like to wear more short pleated skirts with high heels but not in a too feminine way. Or loose shirts and loose trousers with high-heeled shoes.”
22 May 2014, Ullanlinnankatu

Photo 2 - Lumi, 5
“I like dresses and the colour pink. Now I’m wearing my mother’s old shoes.”
14 December 2013, Erottaja

Photo 3 - Raili
“I don’t buy clothes anymore, my wardrobe is ready now. I like to wear black. Luckily black-and-white has been in fashion in recent years.”
31 May 2012, Ateneum

Photo 4 - Janne, 51
“I’m wearing an English tweed suit tailor-made in London. I live in Mexico, where I normally wear a white linen suit. The 20s and the 30s inspire my style. Noël Coward had a great style.”
3 September 2011, Punajuuri Block Party

Photo 5 - Epe, 17, Iiris, 14
Epe is wearing a coat that used to belong to Mike Monroe, the singer in Hanoi Rocks. Iiris’ top and skirt are from Berlin. Epe’s dream is to have a drink with Mike Monroe, Iiris dreams of a trip to Japan.
27 August 2005, Kaisaniemi

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