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Luxembourg, a place ... time ...

Men and women took part in the building of a city ... a country. They were farmers, politicians, artisans, musicians, writers ... their legacy is still alive today. The 1867 story aspires to explore its history, trying to meet not only its famous characters, but also brave brave little people.

Luxembourg invites us into its contrasting topography, steep, leading us down hidden paths were we discover its mysteries and its treasures. Stories, legends, architectures, casemates, uptown ... downtown, roads and bridges ... offer us an exciting decor.

It still has a story to tell. And it is through women and men that lived in the past, and those who live in the present, with different points of view, with divers knowledge, that we could revel in its grace, survey its enigmas, mourn its misfortunes.

Thus, ‘1867’ invites residents, artists, 3d builders and graphic artists, scriptors, animators, educators and other social actors, grocer, tailors, and anybody that loves Luxembourg, to take part in the creation of a new adventure in a virtual reality and through other media platforms.  

a date...

In spring 1867, Luxembourg is a complex military fortress, the ultimate result of a construction that took hundreds of years, a city occupied by a Prussian garrison. The Grand Duchy is an 'autonomous' country and member of the' Zollverein, the customs union established by Prussia. The attempt of Napoleon III to buy the land from the Grand Duke King William the first, creates tensions among the population, trouble spreads throughout the capital and the country. The great nations send their secret agents and mobilize their troops, Bismarck intervenes ...

a first district...

"... The Pfaffenthal-Siechenhof neighborhood has gone through multiple stages. Let us mention the most important: the presence of the monks on the Altmünster plateau who used the fertile lands of the valley to install gardens, meadows and vineyards, the leprosarium side of the ‘val des Bons Malades’ casting a shadow on a much earlier era, the artisanal character with its many stores, the presence of soldiers occupying the fortress (and the more difficult periods when soldiers were lodged with the citizens), the tedious construction of the fortifications which took centuries and involved workers from all over Europe, struggling to survive from day to day, small traders, shops, fairground people or travelers, the bohemian side with the Luxembourg artists who lived there, the industrial era barely touched the territory, but finally brought the end of the era of craftsmen ... "(Jean-André Stammet October 2011)

Thus our story begins in Pfaffenthal, a hotbed, stirring with a rich diversity of professions, cultures and languages.

The first phase of the project, the Fort Thüngen Virtual (Kirchberg) runs since late 2012 with workshops for the general public and for school classes at the Fortress Museum in Luxembourg (in collaboration with the National Museum of History and Art)

From May 2015 until January 2016 the ‘Virtual Pfaffenthal’ is part of an exhibition at the Luxembourg City History Museum using  ‘Oculus Rift ' and a beamer projection, through which visitors can  immerse in the past. In 2016 the Luxembourg City Museum will include the installation in the permanent exhibition.  As at Forth Thüngen, workshops for the general public and for school classes are offered. During these workshop , participants can delve further into the subject, learn how to use the interface and finally create their own account so that they can continue the adventure from their homes. 

We have active historical role-play , and people from all over the world have settled in our historic city to participate in this.

We are currently setting up the participation of day care centers and schools by which students  can create historical avatars from their classrooms, and thus live the story continue this adventure throughout the school year.

http://mhvl.lu/event/visite-virutelle-du-pfaffenthal-au-xixe-siecle/ http://mhvl.lu/event/rencontres-virtuelles-dans-les-quartiers-du-pfaffenthal/?date=1442066400
https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/The-Drax-Files-World-Makers-Episode-33-Luxembourg-1867/ba-p/2975712 http://modemworld.me/2015/10/30/the-drax-files-33-visiting-the-past-through-second-life


Credits for 1867 in SL:

Ion Transmedia S.a r.l.: 
Concept, Creation, 3d Mdeling and textures:
Esther Ngan, Pit Vinandy

Co-Producer and IT specialist:
Alan Martiny

Builders & Clothing:

Esther Ngan 
Ramirez Falta https://marketplace.secondlife.com/st...
Irkalla Falta (Irkalla Caudron)
Daims Lazamah
Ind'har Randvill (IndharRandvill)
Aquila Kytori
Gustav von Rosenheim (gustav2005)
Solas (SolasNaGealai) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/st...


Annie Oh (AnnieBrightstar)
Stoeft (Stoeft1867)
Trystan Van Landewyck (lookyluck)
Wren Noir (WrenNoir Cerise)
Andy Roelofs (Brazil Roelofs)
Becca Polano
Casanova De la Vega (Casanova Dubratt)
Danial Munster
Eva Tauriel (EVA Krautrauch)
Gibbes (Stoeft)
Jogi Schultz (yogijo)
Mariana (Mariana1a2q3u4a)
Martin Harpes. Clockmaster (PhilaeBlue)
Melvin Starbrook
Roger de Lavalette (Lavalette)
Rose (Roseamber)
Tosca Laurence Munshausen (toscalaurence)

Urd (urd1)
Viktoria Hymes (Mirupi)

Historians and Counselors:

André Bruns
Jender Stammet
Dr Robert L. Philippart
Célestin Kremer
Oliver Kayser


1867 a.s.b.l.
Musée Dräi Eechelen
National Museum of History and Art Luxembourg
Luxembourg City History Museum
Interessenverein Pfaffenthal-Siechenhof
Luxembourg City Archives (Archives municipales)
Luxembourg City Photo Archive (Photothèque)
National Library of Luxembourg
Frënn vun der Festungsgeschicht Lëtzebuerg - a.s.b.l.

If we happened to forget somebody, please let us know and we will add you of course!


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