iPad game Mission Eureka

Mission Eureka is an innovative game for the entire family about 100 years of groundbreaking and meaningful technological inventions, for everyone aged 8 and upwards. In a playful, interactive manner, the iPad game Mission Eureka guides visitors through the entire exhibition of the Philips museum, built around the atmospheric Factory in the center of Eindhoven (The Netherlands), the very place where Philips & Co. began manufacturing incandescent lamps in 1891.

How does a light bulb work, what do X-rays do, and who invented the television? Based on important historical inventions over the years, the iPad game Mission Eureka takes children and adults on an interactive journey of discovery in search of the technology behind these innovations. The game is played in teams of 2, 3 or 4 people to stimulate the collaboration between people from different generations. At various points in the Philips museum the iPad makes contact with a console to start an interactive group game with quizzes, puzzles and games.

The team is presented with ‘challenges’ that they have to solve, just like real researchers. Working together as a team you find out how LED light works, for example. But team members can also compete against one another. These group games, which all four people can play on the iPad at the same time, make Mission Eureka unique. Mission Eureka contains layered information and interaction – the “Pixar approach” is being used: interesting for old and young family members alike.

The Philips museum is the first museum in Europe where the innovative iBeacon technology is being used in an interactive/quest-like manner. This iBeacon technology enables the iPad to automatically recognize where the game is, so that the group games start right away. The game can be started at various points in the museum and can only be played in the Philips museum (location based app).

Philips Research and the Philips museum joined forces with Northern Light for the design and production of the Mission Eureka game. “Being curious about how things work is an excellent quality for inventors to have,” says John Bell, head of strategy and business development at Philips Research. “If you are successful at Mission Eureka then perhaps – like many of the inventors at Philips Research – you will be someone who thinks of new ideas and innovations that will improve people’s lives.”

Mission Eureka takes about an hour to complete and is available in Dutch, English, French and Spanish.

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