Leguanen, an alternate reality game

Alternate Reality Game
De Leguanen (Iguanas) is a realtime, reallife heritage game in the city of Breda that lasted 4 weeks with aprox.1000 players. The game was played on the street, in musea and online, through social networks, websites, youtube, but also in local newspapers, on radio and television. Subject of the game was the city’s history of the Eighty Years’ War in the 17th century. Never before the inhabitants were so immersed in the history of Breda. Aim of the game was to solve a mystery together with the other players through hidden mobile phones. The game was accompanied by a daily video series on the game’s website in which the actors interacted with the players to try to solve the mystery together.

Example, a small part of the game: Iconoclasm
The first riddle led the players/participants to the Big Church of Breda, where they had to follow an audiotour. In this audiotour there was a hidden assignment. While the participants were listening to information about the church, specifically about the Iconoclasm, they were educated about the history of their city.
At the end of this tour there was a call to organize a new Iconoclasm and smash a couple of statues in the church. Hidden in one of these statues there was  a smartphone with the next assignment. The smashing could not take place right away. The players/participants had to make an announcement on the gamewebsite to gather people to come back the next day at 1 pm when the gate to the statues would be opened. In this way physical actions were connected to history, gameplay and communication through social media.

View the game’s videoreport above!

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