Guide ID is the successful supplier of the Podcatcher audio guide. We are proud to work with prominent museums galleries and other heritage sites like the Royal Palace in Amsterdam, the Hermitage in Amsterdam, the Kröller-Müller Museum, the Anne Frank house, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Walker Art Gallery, the Amsterdam Museum, Hayward Art Gallery, The Battle of Bannockburn, Cadw and English Heritage, Wellington Arch.

Guide ID was formed over 13 years ago to provide mobile tours for the heritage market. The Podcatcher platform consists of an online Content Management System, hardware, a smartphone App and an after visit website.

Within the platform we offer more than just guiding. We also supply tools for visitor research and visitor marketing.  We would like to present our newest tool  launched in 2014:  MapMyVisit. The first client who has used MapMyVisit was the garden of Appeltern. A special you tube movie (only available in Dutch) can be found here:


MapMyVisit is designed to help museums, galleries and all types of heritage sites to connect with their visitors. With MapMyVisit it’s possible to offer their own personal  tour to all visitors, after their visit. The visitor activates his or her tour with an email address at a console. This can be done before after or during the tour. The Podcatcher tracks which stops are listened to and the visitors can bookmark their favorite stops along the way as well.

Based on the collected data a personal webpage is created, which the visitor can view via a personal email link. Here, visitors can view which stops they listened to, which stops they missed and which stops they bookmarked as their favorites, during the tour. The stops are displayed with images, text and audio. This makes it possible for visitors to re-live the tour at home or share their experience with a friend or family member.  Within this personal webpage museums are able to link the visitors to all their social media outlets, their web pages, ticketing page, membership page, web shop etc. What MapMyVisit does is to create a long term connection between the site and their visitors, and it extends the experience after visit. Besides this it creates a legacy for the collection and it helps museums to increase visitor numbers, repeat visits and revenues streams from their web shop. It can also even create a new revenue stream via online printed merchandise sales.

In January 2015 a pilot has started in collaboration with the Biblical Museum in Amsterdam.  The museum has developed a complete new audio tour in Dutch and English and offers the tour free to their visitors. The tour is also available on our smartphone App (IOS and Android). The Biblical museum has integrated links to  their website, as well as Facebook and twitter links. Besides that the user can also make social media posts from unique audio stops to share with friends and family.

About the Biblical Museum

A unique museum in a historic setting
The Biblical Museum is housed in two historic buildings on the Herengracht canal in Amsterdam. The renowned architect Philips Vingboons built the houses for Amsterdam merchant Jacob Cromhout in 1662. This remarkable and atmospheric setting provides a home for the unique collection of one of the oldest museums in the Netherlands.

The Biblical museum is a place where Bible, art and culture meet in a monument full of history. Remarkable collection pieces, personal stories and a wealth of background information will take you on a journey through the biblical world.  Activities and temporary exhibitions offer more in-depth interpretation on divergent themes. A visit to the Biblical museum garden and the museum cafe will complete your visit.  With MapMyVisit the museum now provides a complete package of visitor information, before, during and after visit! Have a try and sign in for a demo account:

Feedback so far:
Over the last few months we have been presenting MapMyVisit to many current clients and new prospects. So far all feedback has been very positive. Many heritage sites are currently working on how to connect more and better with their visitors, and looking into how they can offer more interpretation beyond a visit and in new creative ways. MapMyVisit does exactly that. Combined with the fact that it creates a long-term connection and links visitors to other interpretation outlets, MapMyVisit is something new and something that it ready to fulfill these plans now and in the future. A second and just as important element, and something that we are also receiving lots of positive feedback on, is the fact that MapMyVisit helps to increase visitor numbers and increase revenues. These are two very important factors for heritage sites operating in the current heritage market.

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