Mapping Luxembourg

Mapping Luxembourg – Historical maps and plans of the city of Luxembourg online

The Luxembourg City History Museum and the National Archives have, at the Museum’s initiative, created an innovative access to the history of the City of Luxembourg through a joint project: the digital presentation of historical maps against the background of the present-day urban morphology. The History Museum uses numerous exhibits and a series of city modules to show the development of the City of Luxembourg from its origins in the early Middle Ages to the present. Historical maps and plans are in this respect particularly suited for showing the profound changes that have taken place in the urban space over centuries. Traditional exhibition media do however have their limits in presenting the History Museum’s extensive cartographic collections. Mapping Luxembourg allows an innovative, digital access thereto. Starting with the current cityscape presented by Google Maps, visitors can access historical map material enabling them to playfully explore space and time. The National Archives are a real treasure trove of documentation on the history of the Grand Duchy and its capital. With the aim to make this often little known historical heritage accessible to a broader public, the Archives have made numerous maps and plans on the development of the City of Luxembourg and its fortress available for Mapping Luxembourg. The publication of documents on the Internet ideally supplements the systematic digitisation of the collections currently under way by the officials of the National Archives.

We suggest watching the video clip in high definition mode (HD) for full details of maps and graphical materials.


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