Mauritshuis, The Golden Era Quiz

How it works

The class is split up into five groups and the teacher assists the students in playing the game. When the game starts the quizmaster asks the questions while standing in a Mauritshuis painting from the Golden Age. The students first discuss their group answer before they show their answer (A,B or C) written on paper. When the set time has passed the teacher enters in the answer from each group into the application. The quizmaster provides the correct answer accompanied by an explanation. Before going to the next question, the results of the class are shown.

Educational goal

The purpose of the game is to prepare the students for their visit to the Mauritshuis. The quiz introduces ten famous paintings, enabling children to recognise them during their visit. The questions are based on the history and culture of the Golden Age and on the paintings themselves, for example symbolism in the artwork or facts about the painter. The first questions are relatively simple, but the difficulty increases throughout the game. The teacher can decide to stop or pause the game at any time.


Executive producer: Marlyn van Gool

Director(s): Ben van der Meijden

Cameraman/woman: Jeroen van de Heuvel

Editor: Mette Menting en Anja Jansen

Scrtipt: Marlyn van Gool and Denise Schipper

Musical composer: Soundbreeders

Extra media