Meetings with Norvegiska Romá – Norwegian Gypsies.

Two table installations are central in the exhibition Norvegiska Romá – Norwegian Gypsies in Intercultural Museum, Oslo. The exhibition is the result of a project documenting a marginal group with probably only around 500-1000 members. The Norwegian Romá has not previously been given a voice in official museum institutions in Norway, and the knowledge about Romá-culture is generally low and prejudice based.

The filming from above allows the people around the table to be anonymous. Only their hands and the work they practice are attached to film. This was an important consideration, due to widespread prejudice and the vulnerability of belonging to such a small minority group.

The film camera and camera lamp is permanently fixed in the installation so that the museum can film new meetings as new topics and opinions come up.

‘The Ploska’ is the film accompanying this project description. In this film two Romni (women) share the Romá engagement rituals with a museum curator. This is one of many different meetings the visitors may choose between.

The visitor chose what filmed meeting to observe by choosing one of the cubes with an RFID chip, and place it in the reader. The basic shape of a cube was decided on to make the interaction more intuitive

When the exhibition is open for everyone the sound is on headphones.  With visitor groups the guide turn on the loudspeaker with a secret button under the table.

Extra media