Pick-up line generator

Pick-up line generator

Hotel and Restaurant Museums ”Pick-up line generator” was created to entertain museum visitors. The generator can be found both in exhibition in Hotel and Restaurant Museum (Project Image 5) but also in mobile version on a webpage www.flirttikone.fi.

Pick-up lines are part of typical Finnish restaurant behavior and meant to break ice between unknown but interesting female / male. The trick is that you never know which line works. During the year 2010 pick-up lines were collected through social media, literature and interviews to create the data base by using ethnological methods. Pick-up lines were categorized and dealt according to gender they were designed to.

The generator in the museum is created by Estonian company called THE Systems OÜ. They created the software according to the database museum has made. After selecting a pick-up line you can also print it for the later use if needed.

Soon after the Pick-up line generator was introduced in 2012 to exhibition goers, raised a question if it could be available a mobile version as well. Then it could work as a marketing tool between museum and for example a restaurant where pick-up lines are typically used. Mobile site www.flirttikone.fi (Flirt machine, name created by exhibition visitors) was created by GoMOB Oy firstly for mobiles and later extended to desktop version as well.

Third version af the Generator will be created when the look of the mobile version will be matched to current museums webpage. The change will be done between 26th and 30th of January. More pick-up lines will also be added to the generator then.

Hotel and Restaurant Museum is able to link cooperation partners to the generator: when generator is used the user will get a discount coupon to a local restaurant and/or discount museum visit as well.

How does it work? ACTION STEPS

–>Choose gender: M/F (Project Thumbnail)

–>Choose the category (Project Image 2):

  • With compliment
  • With a dialect
  • X-rated
  • Reverse psychology

–>Randomly selected pick-up line (Project Image 3). For example:

“Do you have a map? I just lost in your eyes…”

“Give me some, you’ll get some too yourself”

“Was your father a baker because you have such a pair of hot buns?!”

“You probably sit quite tightly with that size of ass you have?”

The Pick-up genetaror works unfortunately only n Finnish.

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