Ponteceso - Sea Paths

This river – which runs through the Bergantiños area and empties into the legendary estuary to which the Galician Rexurdimento (19th century) poet Eduardo Pondal sang – creates a rich intertidal space protected due to both its characteristics as well as to the fact that it is the habitat of several endangered species and a source of cockles with its own brand. As the fresh waters of the River Anllóns begin to mix with the salty water of the Atlantic Ocean, the channel becomes the Corme and Laxe Estuary and opens out into the rough sea of the Costa da Morte.

Two marked trails will guide you along this journey through the banks and coastlines of Ponteceso with the advantage that you will also be leaving your footprints on the first two 2.0 routes in the Costa da Morte region. Along the route, you’ll find 30 labels that will allow you to access information of interest on the spot using a smartphone. To make easy access to the info you can choose 4 ways:

Open the web address on the label and enter the eight-character code you see below.
Scan QR codes
Aumented reality

Extra media