Roman Cuijk

Roman Cuijk has been faithfully reconstructed from a large collection of information from archeological digs around the central area of Cuijk, and from the marine excavations in the river Meuse that Cuijk lays at.

This demonstration project is an expression of the methodology of The Missing Link, a heritage consultancy and project organisation in The Netherlands. Based on the large corpus of historically relevant stories for a town or area, The Missing Link and its clients select those stories unique to that area or town. Once this selection has been made, a variety of expressions of those stories are constructed. These could be a tourist route round various points of interest with informational signs, as well as mobile apps, temporary festivals or other expressions of their unique heritage. (To find out more about this methodology contact The Missing Link or visit the website)

The Roman Cuijk 3D space is intended to immerse its visitors in a visual environment and let them interact with the characters and objects to learn more about Cuijck. As the video explains, the application of an environment like this can be used to re-inforce existing policies in the area’s of city marketing, education, local business and social cohesion.

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