ROSENBORG - CHRISTIAN IV AND HIS SUMMER RESIDENCE (2007) 45 min. Directed by Nils Vest - Rosenborg - the summer residence of king Christian IV - contains unique memories of one of Denmark’s most colourful personalities. Here, a dramatic saga unfolds based upon ‘The Big House In The Garden’, built as a private home over several periods from 1606-34. Christian IV set out as one of Europe's wealthiest rulers and ended 60 years later almost ruined, having lost not only territories, but also several children as well as the greatest yet most unfortunate love of his life, Kirsten Munk. However, he was also a king who loved music, painting and architecture and he left behind him a beautiful series of buildings and towns in Scandinavia. - “Wholeheartedly recommended! This is an enlightened, captivating look into a distant, but richly fascinating part of Danish history.” / JyllandsPosten - English and Danish PAL version on same DVD. NTSC version also available. - Available in the Rosenborg Museum Shop, the Video Shop of The Danish Film Institute or through NILS VEST FILM

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