Photographs and close ups of the artistic work of Dorothea Reese-Heim are the substratum for the audiovisual dance performance and the film by the video artist Stefanie Sixt and the dancer Anina von Molnar.
Selected works of Reese-Heim are expanded by the dimensions of time and movement via an animated collage by Stefanie Sixt. The analog produced art of Reese-Heim is experiencing a digital extrapolation.
Sixt is using different techniques of alienation, such as duplication and layering of various drawings and sculptures. In addition she is selecting specific details, transforming surfaces into graphic structures and in a whole recreating an expression that still commemorates Reese-Heim ́s picture language.
Virtual rooms appear, that creating the scene for the dance of Anina von Molnar.
By the frontal projection structures are refracted on the body of the dancer casting a cloud over the screen.
The physical expression evokes a field of tension between abstract and concrete, whereas within the dialogue between contemporary dance and visuals the relative strength is measured permanently on nouveau: At times Anina von Molnar is becoming part of the projection itself, in other moments she is stepping forward, creating yet another dimension to the work.
Congruent course of movements are accompanied by incongruent ones driven by the electronic music composition of Stefanie Sixt.

Extra media