Luxuary behind the Roman Limes (Luxe achter de Limes), Dutch only APP for iOS and Android
Background of a remarkable production: The question: How can we render the Roman past visible, attractive and interesting even when there is literally nothing left to see on the surface anymore? Especially nowadays when young people don’t read anymore and are ‘spoilt’ with multimedia, smartphones and technologically, visually perfect games? The solution: a fascinating APP that brings you into the countrysite by bike and to GPS locations with hidden archeological treasures you have to excavate. You collect those treasures and build and fill your own museum with them. On every location attractive information is given about all circumstances of every days life 2000 year ago. The bike tour consists of 3 parts that can be cycled separately or at once. Every part has a main topic: - Tour 1: Nijmegen to Malden, 11 KM, topic: The equipment of the soldier - Tour 2: Malden to Wijchen, 12 KM, topic: Treasures of country houses and countrysite - Tour 3: Wijchen to Nijmegen, 16 KM: topic: Luxuary items from the merchant At the end, you are able to play the quiz and win a gold, zilver or bronze sesterius to enhance your museum. The first 100 ‘golden’ sesterius owners will be awarded with a genuine Roman scarf. Two companies: Wennekes’ Office for Imagination and Wij Doen Dingen worked for two years together in close co-operation with archaeologists from the municipalities of Wijchen and Heumen and the city of Nijmegen. In this close and intense co-operation, they developed this APP, by combining the in-depth knowledge of the archaeologists with the creativity and the knowledge of the creative team. All made possible by the technical possibilities of modern multimedia. The result: a highly attractive APP that resulted in enthusiast reactions by the (young) targetgroup at the first release 2th half of 2017.

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