Digimuseo.fi was released in May 2020. The core idea of the service is still the same although the structure and functionalities have developed further. The second version was online in June 2021 and the service is continuously developed.

Mission and idea
As seen from the history, the concept of Digimuseo has existed many years. Although the service was released the same year as coronavirus struck the world, it had more far-reaching objectives than supporting museums during the pandemic (of course that being an important one, too). These objectives include:

• To bring a digital platform to the use of museums
• To enable museums' use of digital services
• To enhance cultural heritage's accessibility
• One common platform diversifies the supply for customers
• To strengthten museums' turnover by offering a new sales channel

Digimuseo is strongly future-orientated: the use of digital services becomes continuously more common and excepted from the public. Digimuseo helps museums in this digital transformation. However, it should be noticed that in Finland physical museum visits are more popular than ever according to nationwide visitor statistics. Digimuseo’s goal is thus to support these museums' physical core activities rather than replace them with virtual ones.

Virtual exhibitions make the museum services more equal as interesting contents may be examined from the other side of the country. This is especially important for physically challenged people. Digimuseo is happy to help museums to build their services more comprehensive.

Services and platform
Museums have a possibility to publish virtual exhibitions and guidings attached to them. Guidings are either private group guidings or open for public. Museums determine themselves the pricing for exhibitions and guidings.

The exhibitions are implemented using 360- and AR-techniques. Currently, there is also one hybrid exhibition of both of the techniques. (Explore the exhibition from this link: https://digimuseo.fi/en/exhibitions/turku-abo-1827/). Furthermore, one of the exhibitions is a 360-video. Examples of 360- and AR-exhibitions may be found on the extra media and in the introduction video.

Currently the major focus is on 360- and 3D techniques but Digimuseo is always open for new ideas. The guiding technology may also be used for museums' other services such as seminars and lectures. Furthermore, digital environment offers museums possibilities to utilize innovative and new techniques such as gamifacion and interactivity in their services.

Since the beginning, it has been a major goal to create a usable and visually enjoyable platform rather than an uninspiring archive. The website's design is user-centered and focused on pleasant exploring of exhibition contents. This is extremely important as the use of the service should be logical for elderly museum customers, too.