Vikingship Museum Audioguide App with beacon support
For the Viking Ship Museum at Bygdøy in Oslo Norway, Petrus Media developed an Audio Guide App with maps and beacon support, and we had to take into account a high number of users since the museum has approximately 500,000 visitors a year.

In this app we have solved a lot of the problems regarding beacons and we think we have solved this in a way that puts usability at the center. The app works best on The Viking ship house where you get the full effect of the beacon support and the map. But it also works outside the museum as a standalone Audio Guide App.

The app is designed for Apple iOS and Google Android and is available in the Appstore and Google Play respectively for downloading to users' smartphones. We mounted beacons both inside the museum and outside. We identified the many and different user groups the museum's visitors consist of and developed a beacon solution which at the bottom of the screen and in the map shows suggestions about the object's correct sound file. One of the major challenges was getting this to work on many different devices across operating systems.

User Experience

The app is designed to locate the visitors by use of beacons both inside the museum and outside without any specific action from the user. The visit is facilitated by a map showing all the available Points Of Interest, and suggestions with relevant Point Of Interest -information popping up on the screen, in order to be discovered throughout the visit in the museum.

We developed an audio guide application focused on map and beacon support for indoor geolocation reliable for a high number of visitors. To increase the accessibility, a user-friendly interface was created, centered on beaconing and the map location, also working outside the museum.

App download at Google Play

App download Apple Appstore