Immersive Virtual Experience
This immersive virtual experience enables the 13 masterpieces to be enjoyed free of charge in the comfort of one’s home or office, ensuring an intimate and enhanced experience. By employing the power of mixed reality, visitors will be transported to a new world where they can learn through interaction and discovery. The immersive virtual experience is a product of a multidisciplinary approach, combining computer science with the humanities. The immersive virtual experience, in particular, is especially alluring to younger generations, introducing them to Renaissance art in an entertaining way. The aim of this immersive virtual experience is to make art accessible to the masses, especially now more than ever due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Museums were forced to close their doors because of the restrictions, but, thanks to digitisation, anyone can visit the exhibition virtually without the need to leave their house or country. This is a safer, controlled and more convenient way to experience tangible cultural heritage in the comfort of your own home. The digitally friendly and easy to navigate immersive virtual experience was created by Heritage Malta’s youngest department, namely the Digitisation Unit. Rakel Vella and Jacob Saliba, both alumni of the Department of Digital Arts within the University of Malta, were leading this project. They were supported by the curatorial team at MUŻA and the rest of the Digitisation team at Heritage Malta. By using the latest state-of-the-art technology in the industry, the Digitisation Unit produced this production entirely in-house, without the involvement of stakeholders. This is what distinguishes our immersive virtual experience from other Virtual Reality tours. In addition, this is the first immersive virtual experience of its kind for Malta. Unlike other exhibitions, the ‘Masterpieces at MUŻA’ immersive virtual experience will not be taken down once the exhibition is over and the paintings are returned to their rightful owner. Instead, the immersive virtual experience will be kept online in order to be enjoyed and experienced in the years to come.

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