Archaeology Switzerland, National Museum Zurich, Switzerland

NATURA draws the attention to the interrelationships of natural history of the archaeological exhibits. The stereogram is characterized by an animated illustration. Through a large-scaled projection onto a monumental, oblique concrete wall (60sm), it transfers the landscape of Switzerland directly into the museum. The installation shows the human influence on nature.

At seven theme-based stations, the museum visitor can research plant, animal and mineral finds. Seven main exhibits are positioned in the middle, diverse hands-on and infographics are added. Coming closer to one research-station the visitor triggers a change. The stereogram is vitalized by animated illustrations: wild nature e.g. a wolf pack appears in the projection. If the visitor interacts with the theme-based station then, his touch triggers the correspondent scene of domesticated nature, i.e. a watch/domestic dog. In this way the visitors model again and again new compositions taken from video and sound sequences. 16 narrations of plant, animal and mineral finds are composed of over 2.000 artistic drawings. Up to seven animated illustrations are possible at the same time.

HOMO presents archaeological finds in six large scaled cases. The exhibits are placed together to form six narrative portrayals of different epochs. With the help of a movable scanner, visitors can retrieve detailed information on each object, for example on one of the oldest cartwheels in Europe, which is visually completed and “repaired” with the help of media.
Taken out of this chronological presentation and placed at the centre of the long room, there are the highlights of the museum’s collection. Film scenes projected onto the rear wall of the highlight-showcases tell the stories about the objects exhibited as well as the stories of the people to whom they once belonged and who found them. When a visitor touches the showcase this window into the past opens interactively on the normally transparent rear wall.

Extra media