Empire of the Ordinary
Empire of the Ordinary is a 15-minute virtual reality video game that takes the absurd and dreamlike universe of Magritte's paintings and turns it into a contemplative and artistic experience dedicated to a non-playing public. This virtual reality experience puts the mechanics of video games at the service of Art. After starting in the studio of the painter who has fallen asleep, the player finds himself in the spirit of Magritte who dreams of his paintings. In order to wake him up, the participant crosses his works to detect their secret language. The Empire of the Ordinary has a gameplay based on anamorphosis revealing all the potential of virtual reality. Each of the painter's iconic paintings has an optical illusion that this video game tends to magnify. The player moves through space and searches for the right position to reveal the hidden door that will lead him to the next painting. This visual escape game allows the player to physically experience Magritte's abundant work. This emotional video game is designed to be played in a museum with a target audience of non-players. Initially conceived during a Game Jam orchestrated by the Centre Pompidou, the project had the opportunity to test its first mechanics on an audience that is not a video game enthusiast and the results were conclusive. Today, we want to show the experience so that we can present it to an institution such as the Magritte Museum in Brussels.

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