‘Woudagemaal 360’, virtual (VR) tour with augmented reality (AR)elements

The visitor centre of the Wouda pumping station opened in 2011 and is thé educational hub in Friesland. In the visitor centre, young and old are informed about the operation of the pumping station, about culture and water management in Friesland. The interactive exhibition offers a peek into the world of steam, power, water management and movement. Here, you can take a virtual look inside the visitor centre. Here, you can take a virtual look inside the visitor centre.

In the interactive visitor centre of the Wouda pumping station, the working process is explained in a simple way, and also the mechanical, physical and technical principles underlying them. Thus it is told in an accessible way how the pumping station operates and why the pumping station is recognized by UNESCO as having outstanding universal value.

Meanwhile the Wouda pumping station has a wide range to offer for various educational groups.

Many schools visit the pumping station annually. The Wouda pumping station bases its educational line on the following themes: water management, engineering, architecture, and UNESCO World Heritage. Besides the schools and many domestic holidaymakers and tourists (about 40,000 per year), the Wouda pumping station receives a great deal of foreign visitors, thanks to the UNESCO status. With as many as 11 languages, they are now also well served with information in the form of films, exhibits and audio tours.

The Virtual Reality Tour 'Woudagemaal 360’ in 11 languages is primarily intended for senior secondary vocational students (civil engineering) and students studying steam. The app will certainly be an impressive and also educational experience for the general public of all ages, in the Netherlands as well as in other countries. A lovely added bonus is that the tour will help inspire future staff, and can be used in staff training.

Never before has the opportunity occurred to 'turn on' the pumping station at any time, to generate the mechanical and physical fundamentals to life and make a direct and visible link with water (utility and necessity). An app that allows the visitor to experience operating the pumping station.

The reactions up to now have been very positive:

"Due to the application of this new cutting-edge technology, it is possible in a sensitive Industrial World Heritage environment, where nothing may be modified or changed, to provide appealing information. And to be honest, images say much more than words! The Woudagemaal 360 app brings our pumping station alive every day," stated Hilda Boesjes-Beljon, director of the Foundation Ir. DF Wouda pumping station. Download the Tour via App Store, iOS App Store: Woudagemaal360

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