The 1806 Fire at St. Bendt’s Church in virtual reality
For the VR experience we meticulously recreated St. Bendt's Church and the monastery using historical city maps, engravings, drawings and written accounts. The houses, gardens, roads and walls of the town have also been recreated to the best of our ability, corresponding to the building style of the 1800s and our knowledge of Ringsted town.

To recreate the fire and the way it spread through the buildings, we drew on known recordings of church fires such as the fire in Notre Dame in 2019 and the fire in Roskilde Cathedral in 1968.

The experience is accompanied by a priest's voice narrating the fateful day. The sound design is based on original written sources from the church's pastor at the time. This provides a highly accurate and experience-based VR representation of the Ringsted fire of 1806.

The immersive experience is in 360 degrees with a heavy emphasis on spatial sound design to increase visitor’s sense of immersion. If you look around you can see the surroundings of Ringsted in 1806 and the sound design is carefully made to support and amplify the overall experience, where extra care has been taken to create a dramatic ambiance and a soundscape that uses sound depth and direction.

The virtual reality experience is part of a new exhibition opening at Ringsted Museum on Sunday, 30th August 2020, and is also released as a 360-experience in our free app Tidslommen, used for experiencing cultural heritage sites in immersive ways.

How to watch the YouTube link provided (remember headphones and to turn the quality to 8K): - If you have a pair of VR-goggles, we recommend using them - If you use a smartphone, open the video in your YouTube-app and move the phone around - If you are on a desktop computer, drag with the mouse to look around

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