GuideNow Multimedia Guide System
Most available guide services are relatively uncomfortable and cumbersome. We, however, strongly believe that the age of queuing and depreciating audio guides has ended. Our key aim was to develop an efficiently manageable multimedia guide that has all the functions one would expect from today’s systems. As a result, GuideNow offers a simple, easy-to-use, transparent solution that respond fully to the current needs of both visitors and exhibitors.

The Use of Mobile Devices
Visitors can reach related media contents through their own smartphones or tablets. We have created an unified and transparent interface in the form of a mobile application, through which all related exhibitions are equally accessible, so there is no need to develop customized applications for each exhibition or museum.

Easy Installation
The system can be set up extremely quickly and cheaply in any museum. A small server at the entrance or at the checkout provides the content for the visitors’ devices through a Wi-Fi connection, which is also provided by the same computer. Therefore, there is no need for internet connection, or Wi-Fi coverage for the entire area of the exhibition. It is enough to provide access at the entrance.

Centralized Content Management
Museums connected to our service can centralize uploading materials via a transparent administration interface at their disposal, greatly simplifying the management of any changes of the exhibition materials. It is enough to changes contents in one place to ensure that each visitor access the modified content afterwards.

The system ensures that the exhibition content can only be accessed at the exhibition; access is not possible from another place. This way, the protection of the media contents is guaranteed, as they will be deleted after leaving the museum. The application also provides an opportunity to differentiate categories of visitors (and to adjust basic or advanced content according to the result of profiling).

Visitor Statistics
Museums receive continuous feedback on visitor habits, as their activities are precisely logged. The app records e.g. how many visitors connected to which exhibition, what language they chose, which audio materials they listened to, as well as the exact time and length of their connection. Statistics and graphs are available on the administration interface which helps to further optimize the exhibitions and to collect data for success communication.

Exhibition Reviews
Visitors can evaluate exhibitions by responding to questions, created by the museums, about their experience and opinion.

Targeted Messages to visitors
The application allows museums to send Push Notification messages to the visitors who, in this way, can receive news, information about new exhibitions, activities, campaigns and other important issues. This may effectively expand the circle of returning and new visitors.

Extra media