This City Keeps Me Safe

We are proud to show you our winning videomapping for St. Petersburg Festival of Lights 2017 Фестиваль света в Санкт-Петербурге. The organization choose a song for each team: ours was "Stone Flowers" by Basta, Smokey Moe and Helena Vaengi. The challenge of our work was to introduce some elements of the city in the production: Bronze Horseman, Western Rapid Diameter, Quay with sphinxes, Portico of the New Hermitage (Atlantes), New stadium FC Zenith, Cruiser Aurora and the Metro of SPB. All content integrated with de building from an artistic point of view and taking into account the musical rhythm. Also powered with adhoc sound fx. In the contest of the project «This city keeps me safe» the designers demonstrated images and moods of Saint-Petersburg accompanied by famous songs, dedicated to the city. Five teams from different countries competed in 3D-mapping and project their vision of Saint-Petersburg on the Winter Palace’s facade. The Festival of Lights is one of many projects initiated by the Saint Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development and dedicated to encourage tourism in Saint Petersburg. Production by Non-profit Partnership “Dance Open Festival”. Romera Diseño e Infografia, since 1998, offering quality contents with a wide range of uses: corporate events, TV, museums, award ceremonies and, of course, mapping shows. Our team can work on technical conception, visual concepts, storylines, 2D and 3D animation, postproduction, etc... on different projects all at the same time. And also with the skills of many different collaborators to generate adhoc music and sound fx for every project. We create experiences!

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