VR Apps "Artist's Studio BOURDELLE in Montparnasse, PARIS"

ArtofCorner, Virtual Reality (VR) Contents Editor specialized in the fields of Art, Culture and Heritage, is very pleased to present its award-winning VR application “Visit of Antoine BOURDELLE's sculptor's studio” realized in co-production with Arforia and PARIS MUSEES.

I am pleased to inform you that our latest VR app "Visit of Antoine BOURDELLE's sculptor's studio" won the AWARD 2018 for the “Best VR Interactive content” during the last LAVAL VIRTUAL show.

LAVAL VIRTUAL is one of the major reference events for Virtual and Augmented Reality. For this exceptional 20th edition, Laval Virtual has welcomed the world’s biggest players in the VR and AR sector with more than 300 exhibitors.

Trailer Link >>> https://youtu.be/MSkVheZQ5FM

Our ongoing discussions with prestigious sites of French and Chinese Heritage confirm our desire to develop specific VR contents dedicated to Art, Culture and Heritage. We are convinced that these new forms of museum mediation answer to a strong social challenge of democratization and accessibility to culture toward a wide international audience.

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As cultural heritage changes with new generations, we – ArtofCorner, believe that Virtual Reality (VR) can bring innovative solutions in terms of digitization and preservation of heritage, while responding to a social challenge of democratization and accessibility to culture. Thus, as an Editor of Virtual Reality (VR) contents specialised in the fields of Art, Culture and Heritage, we endeavour to create the most immersive VR user experience ever in order:

- To promote Cultural Heritage by reconstructing iconic places in VR contents with photorealistic rendering, - But also, and above all, to improve access not only to Europe’s but also the World’s heritage.

Our goal is to show a writer’s/sculptor’s / painter’s workshop, gallerias or art spaces (a physical historic site with excellent contents in term of furniture, works, architecture, etc.) It would be a great opportunity for ArtofCorner to create more attractive and interactive VR contents. We also want to give the ability to see or visit any iconic places and manipulate objects in a virtual manner, but with a photorealism that allow a total immersion – where the virtual and the real merge.

ArtofCorner think that people, regardless of age, class, religion or nation, may have the right and the opportunity to improve the knowledge and understanding of our world’s heritage.

In this regard, applying with our award-wining VR prototype “Artist’s Studio Utrillo Valadon in Montmartre, Paris” to the Heritage In Motion Competition was an obvious choice for us. Maurice Utrillo was a famous French painter who inspired many artists to re-examine their world and, instead turning to abstraction, once again to re-create reality…

In the hope to be among the selected projects which may help to attract and inspire all generations to experience their heritage by linking their experiential and perceptual world to what is beautiful, through vision, discovery and interaction using VR,

Yours faithfully,


CEO, Frédéric PURGAL

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