Robocase - The host of your collection

ROBOCASE creates a unique interaction between the audience and the objects while bringing their stories to life.

Personal but safe
ROBOCASE brings objects closer to the visitor. The visitor can explore their chosen object alongside a multimedia presentation on the touchscreen. ROBOCASE is expertly designed to present a collection with the highest precision and safety. It offers a unique solution for on-gallery climate and lighting control for sensitive objects.

Fully Customisable
ROBOCASE can be fully customised to the specifications of diverse collection items; taking into account their size, mounting and quantity. It allows a museum to open up their depot to the public and present their collection in an interactive way.
ROBOCASE offers flexibility and creativity. It makes it possible to show visitors every object and its story in detail, while keeping them safe.

Various Storylines
ROBOCASE surprises the visitor by presenting objects in a narrative manner by bringing them together in various storylines. Thematically grouped or randomly picked, the ROBOCASE can present the objects in the way that the visitor prefers. Every kind of item in a collection, large or small, can be integrated within the case and displayed to the public.

ROBOCASE is the successful result of a cooperation between Bruns, exhibition developer and producer, and Kiss the Frog, interactive media and creative technology developers. We see endless opportunities for the use of the ROBOCASE and would love to discuss this with you.

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